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Why do I extract teeth asymmetrically? For patients with crowded dentition, most doctors will propose a treatment plan for the extraction of the first small molar symmetrically. However, if you encounter the original missing tooth problem or the condition of severe asymmetry in the midline, you may adopt an asymmetric single Only by pulling the teeth can the midline be pulled back to the correct position. In addition, under the treatment plan for tooth extraction, some patients worry that some teeth are dentures, tooth decay or nerve-extracted teeth, hoping to replace the healthy small molars by removing the damaged teeth to

"Doctor, can I just take medicine, just take antibiotics, don't take a nerve?" "Doctor, can I not take antibiotics, people say that taking medicine hurts my waist!" "Doctor, my cardiologist told me that if I had dental treatment, I would take antibiotics first." "Doctor, I am just root canal treatment, can I not take antibiotics first?" What are antibiotics? An antibiotic is a drug that can inhibit the growth of bacteria or kill bacteria. In other words, antibiotics are only useful against "bacteria"; if the disease is caused by a virus, it has no effect. So what are dental preventive antibiotics? As the name suggests, it is

"Wow~ You did a great job today, you are very quiet, and you lie down and help your aunt, so good!" Cocoa performed well, and Xiaoya immediately gave encouragement. "Wait, I'm going out and telling my mother, cocoa today is so brave and good to lie down~ very brave little friend Auntie is going to send Lego." Just when I kept brainwashing to encourage the good performance of cocoa, I secretly felt that the thresholds above had been crossed, so it should be OK today. No problem. As a result, what happened was counterproductive. In the second half of Cocoa's nerve extraction,

When the general public has a problem of missing teeth and wants to implant, the two most frequently consulted questions are "Doctor! How much do you have for each implant?" and the second one is "Will implants hurt?" "", I will use this article today to illustrate the first question that everyone cares most about-how much does a dental implant cost? When a tooth loss occurs, no matter what the cause is, it is recommended that you should perform dental reconstruction treatment as soon as possible, because once the tooth is missing, it is easy to cause multiple physical health problems. No

Will the fetus absorb the calcium from the mother's teeth, making the pregnant woman's teeth susceptible to decay? The fetus will not absorb the calcium of the mother's teeth, making the pregnant woman's teeth easily rot. The fetal calcium comes mainly from the mother's daily diet, and partly from the mother's bones. Pregnant women's teeth are prone to decay and there is a chance that they eat frequently. Will taking medication during pregnancy affect the fetal tooth development? From the 5th to 6th week of pregnancy, the fetal tooth germ begins to develop. If a pregnant woman takes tetracycline during pregnancy,

"Lao Li, let me tell you, I took a plane to Sanya last week; it’s strange to say, as long as I see a flight attendant on the plane, I have a toothache! Is this a flight attendant toothache syndrome?" Lao Li and Lao Huang are dozens of In the year of the dead party, every chat was always open. "Stewardess toothache syndrome?" Don't joke! "No kidding, just last month, sitting on the plane. As long as I saw the sweet stewardess, my teeth were dull and painful. After getting off the plane, it was completely fine! I think it was scared

Recently, an uncle Li, who was nearly 70 years old, had only 10 teeth left in his mouth, and they were all severely shaken, and it was difficult to swallow and chew. Not only was he malnourished, he was as skinny as he was, but he also caused aspiration pneumonia; another 80-year-old man wore full-mouth active dentures It was barely cleaned, the mouth smelled bad, dentures were full of food debris, severe tartar, and moldy. Physicians warn that old people's poor teeth increase the risk of dementia and aspiration pneumonia. Elderly people placed nasogastric tubes, often neglecting to clean their teeth,

Eight items: obstacle, period, referral, cognition, simplicity, vision, hearing, medication. Four notes: physical, psychological, social family, who should be responsible. Let's talk about "eight items" Obstacles: Accessibility to the dental clinic, barrier-free access to the clinic, or low-level obstacles and safety require special design considerations. Period: Appointment consultation in the morning or afternoon period, you need to consider the situation of the elderly. For example, some elders have stiff movements in the morning due to illness. Referral: establish the habit of regular referrals and reminders. For example, the clinic's prior reminder, the elderly self-recorded in the calendar, or family and caregiver reminders.

Before treatment: Avoid telling your children about their painful treatment experience, it will cause the child to have a preconceived fear. Don't tell the child "just show the uncle dentist", if the child asks what to do, you can answer "will not know until the uncle dentist finishes reading." Some parents say that their teeth have become discolored due to their own past experience, but when taking a child to see a tooth, please ask the parents themselves not to be nervous first, but to take their child to look at the tooth in a relaxed manner. Your tension will

The appearance of dental calculus in the mouth is mainly due to the minerals contained in human saliva, which reacts with the acid secretions in the oral cavity. The physiological needs of a person determine that a large amount of saliva must be secreted every day. Due to the secretion of saliva, the minerals in the saliva have the conditions for long-term continuous reaction with the oral acidic liquid. As a result of this long-term reaction, acidic compounds are generated and become the cause of the formation of tooth "stone". These reactants are easily attached to the tooth surface , Or