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Step by step reading Teeth are the hardest things in the human body, but if you don't pay attention to oral hygiene, your teeth will be corroded by tapeworms. Many people had tooth decay because they ate too many sweets as a child, which made us regretted why we were so greedy in childhood. Although the oral cavity problem is very serious, don't worry too much now, because the red teeth and electric toothbrushes have already entered our lives. The invention of these two products can be said to have greatly helped our oral care. Do you know how to use

Related to teeth: dental pulp inflammation, necrosis, apical abscess, periodontal related, wisdom tooth related and other issues. Not related to teeth: osteomyelitis, tumors or some infections after tooth extraction, infections after oral surgery, etc. Dental pulp disease Deep tooth decay (caries), causing infection of the pulp-dentin system inside the tooth. Cracked teeth: Cracked teeth cause the dental pulp to become sick. Severe periodontal disease: The tip of the tooth root is an open channel. Severe periodontal disease can also indirectly cause dental pulp disease. Therefore, we have a special term called "dental pulp-periodontal disease". Trauma causes internal damage to the teeth:

Ceramic braces have been around for decades, and as more and more adults switch to orthodontic treatment, you may often see them. This type of braces is as reliable as standard metal braces, but they look more beautiful. Ceramic or transparent braces are made of transparent or tooth-colored materials to better blend with the natural color of your teeth. They consist of a bracket and wire, just like ordinary metal braces. The main difference is that ceramic braces are less obvious to others and are especially beneficial for adults to attend various social occasions. High quality ceramic braces can provide considerable strength,

Understand the causes, types, and properties of tooth decay, which filling material is best? I believe that it is very helpful for patients to maintain their dental health. After all, the two most common threats to the oral cavity, besides periodontal disease, isn't tooth decay? There are four elements that cause tooth decay-teeth, bacteria, food, time. In other words, the protagonist must first have teeth-tooth. Then there are bacteria. There are many different types of bacteria in our oral cavity, tooth decay bacteria and periodontal disease bacteria are one of them. Usually these bacteria are in a state of mutual checks

Many patients in the clinic complained: "The teeth that have been drawn are not cleaned. 『This may be because you are too anxious to let the doctor check the results. Next, I will introduce the eight most commonly used examinations for root canal therapy in addition to radiological examinations. It should be noted that there are no order requirements for the following examinations, and not all of them have to be done, but the physician will choose the appropriate examination according to clinical needs. So don't use these to question your doctor! Before beginning the introduction, we still have to declare that

Earlier this week, a friend of mine told me a joke that made me laugh. She asked: "What is the favorite subject of stomatology students?" I told her I didn't know, and then she blurted out: "Dental calculus!" So what is calculus? Dental calculus, commonly known as tartar, is a hardened plaque. Tartar looks like a thick, milky white coating that adheres to the teeth between the teeth and the gums. What is tartar and calculus? Tartar and calculus are the same thing. Tartar is a relatively common term, and most dentists and dental hygienists will call it calculus. No matter what you

Risk one, tooth sensitivity According to the synthesis of most studies, about 40% -70% of home whitening users will have tooth sensitivity; and about 20% -75% of inter-office whitening cases will also have tooth sensitivity. The occurrence and degree of tooth sensitivity are related to the structure of the tooth itself, the use of different types of drugs, and the irradiation of different light sources, but usually the time varies from three days to two weeks. So avoid excessively irritating foods, such as hot and cold, sweet and sour food. If your teeth are very sensitive, please consult your stomatologist. Risk 2. Irritation of

1.Eating life-staining the outside of teeth This is the main reason for staining the outside of teeth. For example, easy-to-dye foods and beverages, coffee, tea, red wine, cola, curry, red dragon fruit, etc. There are also smoking, betel nut, these actions are easy to cause staining of teeth. More often overlooked is the long-term use of chlorhexidine mouthwashes; short-term use of such mouthwashes is not likely to cause tooth staining. If the dosage required by the doctor exceeds the dosage, it is easy to cause tooth staining. Tooth disease-related staining of teeth Traumatic tooth Teeth trauma can cause bleeding inside the pulp. In

Form 1: Physical and mechanical removal Principle: Use physical methods to remove stains and stains on the outer surface of teeth. For example, sandblasting, micro-grinding technology. In fact, as long as you are exposed to dye-related foods and immediately clean your teeth, you can greatly reduce the deposition of stains on the outer surface of the teeth. Form two: chemical agents Commonly used agents: sodium perborate, hydrogen peroxide, urea peroxide. Principle: The use of whitening agents can be used for staining caused by internal teeth or external staining of some teeth. However, some whitening agents need to be assisted by different light sources. After a

Swipe to time Use at least and indeed brush your teeth more than twice a day, every time you brush your teeth for more than two minutes, and use dental floss carefully at least once a day. Note that this means "at least" and "really"; of course, you can also exceed these times, but if you do not "really", the number of brushings will be in vain. Another time refers to the time for cleaning each tooth with an electric toothbrush. Some electric toothbrushes will have a program, timer, or music to remind the time of each tooth. If there is no