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What is Zirconium Dioxide Porcelain Tooth? Is it Reliable?

  1. What is zirconia ceramic teeth

Having a clean and beautiful tooth is one of the top ten health standards for modern people. It is also a status symbol and a manifestation of a noble quality of life. For a long time, metal porcelain teeth have been a quick and effective way to repair teeth, but the metal ions of metal porcelain teeth can produce adverse reactions to the human body, such as black gums, bleeding gums and atrophy. In addition, because of the existence of the metal inner crown, the light transmittance, color and shape of the porcelain teeth are quite different from those of natural teeth, and it will produce a blue-gray effect under the light. Moreover, metal porcelain teeth are unstable under the action of bacteria in the acid-base environment of the liquid oral cavity. There is a certain amount of interference from metal during CT MRI. Therefore, the dental medical community has been working hard to change this state. This is the latest porcelain tooth with no metal inner crown—Zirconium Oxide All Porcelain Series.

  1. Is zirconium dioxide safe?

The zirconia used in medical and dentistry has excellent performance in terms of biological safety. Over the years, a large number of experiments and clinical cases have proved that zirconia has no toxic damage to bone and soft tissue cells. There are no reports of allergic reactions.

  1. The patient is worried about whether zirconia is radioactive. In fact, zircon from zirconia requires multiple steps such as purification and powder processing. The processing will remove all impurities. The State Food and Drug Administration has strict standards for all ceramic materials on the market, and they can be used as medical materials only after they meet the requirements of radioactive experiments. And there are not only requirements for zirconia, but also for decorative porcelain, alumina, glass ceramics and so on. Experiments show that the radioactivity of pure zirconia powder is not only lower than glass ceramics, but even lower than human bone tissue.
  2. Zirconia is sometimes mistaken for a kind of metal. This is to confuse the chemical concepts of metal elements and metals. Zirconia is not zirconium metal or zircon. Although it contains metal elements, it is oxide ceramics. This is like the difference between sodium chloride (the chemical composition of table salt) and metallic sodium
  3. Will full zirconia cause excessive wear on the jaw teeth?

For some patients with tight occlusion and insufficient tooth preparation space, full zirconia restoration is a good choice. If you are worried about excessive wear on the jaw teeth, you don’t need it, because the wear performance of zirconia depends on the surface Smoothness, not hardness.

Characteristics of Zirconia

  1. Features
  2. The color is very similar to that of natural teeth, with a high degree of aesthetic effect, excellent light transmission, and more suitable for use in areas with high aesthetic requirements.
  3. There is no metal odor in the oral cavity, no corrosion, no irritation of the dental pulp nerve due to the alternation of cold and heat, excellent biocompatibility, and durable. It can withstand strong bite force, prevent breakage, and is durable. Solve the problem of transparent blue, black line and discoloration of metal porcelain gums.
  4. During the nuclear magnetic resonance inspection, the non-metallic zirconia does not block X-rays, and there is no need to remove the dentures during the nuclear magnetic resonance inspection, saving a lot of trouble.
  5. The price is expensive, which is both a characteristic and a disadvantage.
  6. Indications
  7. Zirconia porcelain teeth:

Cosmetic teeth, severe tetracycline teeth, fluorosis teeth, deformed teeth, discolored teeth, etc… People who are allergic to metal or plastic can make single crowns and bridges for front and back teeth.

  1. Full zirconium oxide:
  • Case of night bruxism ②Case of lack of abutment preparation space

③Implant cases ④Other easy-to-collapse porcelain cases, etc.

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