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Many people don't care after they wash their teeth. They don't pay attention to the nursing work after they wash their teeth. They eat what they want,. In fact, this is a completely wrong way to do it. Remember: it's not advisable to eat and drink in the sea immediately after you wash your teeth. And after washing teeth, not only do you need to do a good job in tooth care, but also some food is not edible. Friends who want to wash their teeth must pay attention to it. Temporarily eat less overcooling and overheating after tooth washing Some

Tooth fracture is usually associated with impact trauma. For example: car accidents, falling from bicycles, and face impact caused by accidents are common causes. However, these types of traumatic fractures mainly occur in the anterior teeth area, which is related to the "instant strength exceeds the tooth load". In addition, the cause of tooth crack is related to the repetition and accumulation of time and energy as described below. Time and energy of repeated accumulation of cleft teeth Some cracked teeth are like boiled frogs. When they are slightly injured or cracked, they are less likely to have symptoms or not aware of

Broken teeth are often associated with impact trauma. For example, car accidents, falling from bicycles, and accidental facial shocks are common causes. However, these types of traumatic fractures mainly occur in the anterior teeth area, and this kind of fracture is related to "instantaneous power over the load of the teeth". In addition, the causes of cracks are related to the repetition and accumulation time and energy described below, which cause cracks. Repeated accumulation of time and energy Some cracks are like warm water boiled frogs. When there is a slight injury or crack, there are fewer symptoms or you are not aware

If the root canal treatment immediately after the long abscess, it is recommended to first observe two or three weeks; sometimes some of our body's reactions. If the root canal treatment after repeated long abscess for a while, this should let the dentist to identify whether it is related to the treated teeth. That is to say, no matter whether the extracted nerve teeth are treated or not, the abscess may grow when encountering these reasons that invade the pulp system. How is root canal operation carried out? The whole root canal treatment process can be completed in one time, or it can

The first step to keep a healthy smile is to develop good oral hygiene habits. You can do more than that. Some foods and drinks can discolor your teeth, so it's best to pay attention to your diet. Anything that teeth come into contact with can affect them in some way, so be sure to stay away from things that can have a negative impact on them. Spaghetti sauce Because of its high acidity and bright red color, tomatoes in spaghetti sauce can contaminate your teeth. Tomatoes also tend to stick to their teeth. Start with dark green vegetables like broccoli, Kale

The average life span of modern people is getting higher and higher. There are more and more 80 year old grandparents, but the life span of teeth has not increased. Many people are 20 years less. Teeth are the most laborious organs in the whole body. They are responsible for talking, eating, drinking water, chewing gum, sleeping and grinding teeth every day. They work overtime, but no one cares about them. The purpose of dental diagnosis and treatment is not only to look at tooth decay and periodontal disease, but also to extract and implant teeth. It should help patients retain

With the development of Orthodontics in recent years, more and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment to solve the tooth problems they have experienced since childhood. However, there are significant differences between adult correction and children and adolescents. Before making a decision, we should have a clear understanding of adult orthodontics. Most adults are also treated for the following reasons: Bent or misaligned teeth may affect occlusion and may cause excessive tooth wear, jawbone problems, or even tooth loss. Too small oral space can lead to tooth crowding, while too large oral space can lead to gaps between teeth. Many people don't like

Description: it's just a crack on the enamel surface, without losing any dentin. Symptoms: usually no symptoms. Treatment: it only needs regular follow-up observation or feels that the cracks affect the appearance, and can be used for the restoration of the tooth appearance. 2、 Fracture bite Description: a fractured bite, usually extending from the crown to the gums. No symptoms of root canal treatment: In the early stage, when sensitive to cold water or chewing food, there will be sharp stabbing pain when biting down and then releasing. At this time, many people mistakenly think it's just tooth sensitivity and neglect to see a doctor

Misunderstanding 1. Only after tooth replacement can we correct it This misconception may lead to the missing of the best time to correct some malocclusion. In fact, some dentomaxillary deformities are developmental deformities, which need to be prevented and corrected in the process of growth and development. For example, "ground Baotian", small chin, facial asymmetry, severe tooth crowding and so on, which will affect the normal development of facial bones and oral function, should be corrected as soon as possible. The so-called "everyone, abnormal, best period, also different". Error 2. Tooth correction is the patent of children and young people Many people think

First of all, the answer is good, because it is very important: cardiologists advise not to stop! However, there is a good answer to whether to stop aspirin. It is posted for everyone to share. Why pay special attention to this topic? Since there have been more than 10 times this year, some patients or dentists have come directly to ask if they want to stop aspirin when they want to pull out their teeth. Aspirin, as a drug, came out as early as 1897. It has been used by human beings for more than 100 years. It can be said that