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Can Tetracycline Teeth be Washed Away?

Tetracycline teeth are a kind of oral symptoms. Tetracycline drugs are taken when the teeth are developing. Drugs such as chlortetracycline, oxytetracycline, tetracycline, etc. can cause tetracycline teeth, which can cause tooth deformities. Tetracycline teeth can achieve a certain effect by washing teeth, but if the color is darker, the effect of washing teeth is not obvious. It is best to use oxidant treatment for treatment, the effect will be more Well, pay attention to oral hygiene and develop the habit of brushing your teeth in the morning and evening.

The harm of severe tetracycline teeth should not be underestimated

  1. Cause dental caries:

Because of the tetracycline tooth, the enamel of the tooth is underdeveloped and the hardness of the tooth is reduced or missing. This kind of tooth is prone to the occurrence of dental caries and the slow growth of tooth tissue.

  1. Enamel defects appear:

The degree of tooth discoloration caused by tetracycline is related to the dosage, duration and tooth development. The earlier the medication is taken during the tooth formation period, the greater the dosage, and the longer the medication. The hazard of tetracycline to children’s tooth development is the more severe the tooth discoloration. Accompanied enamel hypoplasia is also more serious, and even enamel defects appear.

  1. Affect the color and appearance of teeth:

Tetracycline teeth harm the development of children’s teeth mainly by affecting the color and appearance of teeth. Teeth with mild discoloration are uniformly light yellow or light gray; those with moderate discoloration are uniform gray or light brown; teeth with severe discoloration are shown as uneven yellow-brown, gray-brown, or even gray-black.

  1. Lead to hypoplasia of enamel:

Tetracycline drugs have an affinity for calcium ions in the human body, and combine with calcium to form a yellow stable tetracycline calcium complex. If these drugs are taken during the calcification stage of the tooth crown, the compound will be deposited in the dentin, causing the growing teeth to turn yellow and yellow staining. It will also affect the calcification of the teeth and lead to hypoplasia of enamel. .

How to whiten tetracycline teeth?

Under normal circumstances, oxidants can be used for whitening, better methods such as cold light, wyman whitening and so on. This is a whitening method that requires technology, so it must be done in a professional dental hospital.

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