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The Dentist Yelled “Injustice”, Toothache After Filling The Tooth Does Not Mean That Your Tooth Is Not Cured…

Toothache is indeed a painful thing.

During the day, food is tasteless, drinking water is like acupuncture for pain relief;

At night, tossing and turning, I can’t sleep at night so I can’t wait to hit the wall,

Dizzy, it will go away for a while.

Toothache, tooth decay, tooth defect, etc.

The correct response is to look at the teeth

What should be done, what should be done

Usually my friends will talk about my tooth decay and toothache, but the tooth pain is even worse after filling the tooth. Did the doctor do something to my teeth, but it became serious instead of optimistic? Today we will talk about these things about toothache after filling the teeth~


Why does toothache after filling

  1. For treatment needs, inactivate the dental pulp (commonly known as nerve killing). On the day or the next day after the inactivation drug is blocked, toothache may occur due to the action of the drug, but the pain will not be very severe and will not last for a long time.
  2. Temporary pain, due to the dental pulp irritation during the process of preparing the cavity of the filling or the disinfectant medicine, there may be short-term cold and heat irritation pain, this kind of situation does not need special treatment, usually after 1-2 days restore. This is the most common reason
  3. Cold and heat stimulate the pain, the cavity is deep, and the cushion material used is too thin to block the heat and cold stimulation conducted by the amalgam, and the symptoms of cold and heat stimulation and pain appear. This requires thickening the bottom material before filling.


How to deal with toothache after filling

After filling the tooth, in addition to the temporary toothache (such as pulp inactivation) that the doctor clearly told the patient, all other toothaches after the filling should be diagnosed and treated in the hospital to find the cause and deal with it in time. This situation is generally rare.

Under normal circumstances, the recent irritation or spontaneous pain after filling the tooth may be caused by certain chemicals in the filling material irritating the dental pulp or apical tissue; it may also be caused by incomplete pulp inactivation. If bite pain occurs recently, it is mostly caused by the filling material being too high and contact during bite. After a few days of adjustment, it can return to normal.

The cause of long-term pain is often secondary caries and pulpitis. Endodontic soothing or other endodontic treatments should be performed according to the specific situation.


Care after fillings

In addition, I need to remind you that you must take care of your teeth after filling your teeth, such as:

① Do not brush your teeth on the day after resin fillings to prevent the filling materials from falling off.

②The shape of the tooth can be restored after the filling, but the chewing performance of the tooth is damaged to a certain extent. Therefore, it is not advisable to chew hard food after the filling, and the side of the filling cannot be chewed at the initial stage after the filling.

③ It takes a certain time for the filling material to solidify. Therefore, you should not eat within 2 hours after filling the tooth. 2 hours after filling the tooth, you can eat light and mild liquid and semi-liquid food, such as milk, bread, porridge and soup.

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