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Why do I Need Braces after Root Canal Treatment?

If you just fill up the teeth after treatment, the long-term success rate is much lower than that of making braces (the final outcome is usually the whole tooth is broken as shown in the upper left picture).


There is a neural tube in the middle of the tooth, and the outer layer is dentin and enamel. Once the nerve is affected by tooth decay or tooth fracture, root canal treatment is usually required (the blood circulation in the neural tube is not good, and bacterial invasion is usually the whole inflammation Or necrosis).


The main steps of root canal treatment are to make holes above the teeth, and then use a root canal file to clean the inside of the neural tube. At this time, some disinfectant water is usually used together. All procedures are to remove the infection of the neural tube. After being cleaned, because of the previous hole-making, the tooth becomes a hollow body, like an eggshell, if it bites a hard thing, it may break completely.

The professional suggestion at this time is to shape and grind the teeth, and then make the braces to be glued on. When the braces are stressed, the force is concentrated and protected by the braces, and there will be no power to split the crown.

How to distinguish the quality of braces?

Braces are worn on the teeth, just like custom-made clothes. There are two aspects of material and tailoring. So we can divide the material (the type of metal used) and the technology (the degree of closeness when the doctor makes it). .

First look at the materials. The material of the braces is the inner crown material (the ceramic composition of the outer layer is similar), there are zirconium dioxide (white), precious metals (including gold, silver, palladium, platinum, etc.), and base metals (nickel, chromium, etc.) ), it is recommended to make braces above the grade of precious metals, because precious metals will not release metal ions due to temperature differences in the mouth, changes in the pH of food, etc., and precious metals can be made closer to the teeth below during casting.

The second level is the technical level. Using a good metal is like using a fine cloth by a tailor. Although the material is very good, the braces and the teeth underneath are not very close due to the production technology. Good (just like using the finest silk material, but the custom-made size is not suitable), this kind of braces is not a good braces. Whether the fit is good or not, it is not easy for patients to notice when they first put it on, and it usually takes a few years before they find out that the teeth have problems.

The so-called production technology includes the choice of grinding tools (thickness, softness, and hardness), the choice of impression materials (the printing is not clear, how can the technician make a good brace?), the fine adjustment of the trial installation, the adjustment of the bite, The adjustment of the front and back contact surfaces (if too loose, it is easy to stuff food between the two teeth) and so on.

There is no way to know the type of metal (material surface) only by looking at the appearance, but you can see that the position circled in the left picture is extremely poor (the braces are made too small), and there is a big gap between the teeth below. In this way, the probability of tooth decay will increase greatly (inadequate technical aspects), and the fit of the right brace is qualified.

The poor fit shown in the picture above is just the opposite of the picture above. The braces are too big, so there is often something stuck between the braces and the teeth. Because the patient often feels odor, it is found after X-ray inspection that it is due to braces. It was caused by poor production, so I agreed to reproduce it. The picture on the right shows that the production is completed and the adhesion is good, and the patient’s mouth smell naturally disappears.

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