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Many parents look at their children’s mouth and panic when they see permanent teeth growing behind their baby’s teeth. What went wrong? Should permanent teeth grow under the baby's teeth and push them out? Don't worry, the permanent teeth behind the baby's teeth are not an emergency! Some babies are in the time of changing teeth, but the deciduous teeth have not fallen off, there are two permanent teeth squeezed out behind the deciduous teeth, which makes the baby look like a "little shark, little monster" with two layers of teeth. Why do children have such teeth? In fact, such examples

China's economic development in the 21st century has entered a period of stability. When people have enough food and clothing, their desire for health becomes stronger and stronger. Health has become the basic goal of people in the new century. Indeed, only by having health can you have everything. As we all know, "disease comes from the mouth." There is no doubt that health comes from the mouth. Oral health is the foundation of overall health. Therefore, dental hospitals or clinics that are closely related to oral health have also become the focus of attention of ordinary people. When it comes

If you have ever had a periodontal abscess-infection of the mouth, face, jaw or throat, it is likely that this is one of the most painful dental experiences. Worse, if left untreated, abscesses can actually be life-threatening. Periodontal abscess always requires professional dental care. They occur when bacteria invade the pulp, which is the soft inner part of the tooth that contains blood vessels, nerves, and tissues. Bacteria enter through cavities or cracks in the teeth and spread to the roots. Bacterial infections cause swelling and the formation of pus (bacteria, dead tissue and white blood cells). If not controlled, bacterial

All porcelain (mainly porcelain). Porcelain metal. Gold alloy. Basic metal alloys. All-ceramic braces are made of porcelain-based filling materials. It is recommended to use them when restoring anterior teeth. Because its color is closer to natural teeth. The dentist or dental technician may need to remove certain tooth structures to attach porcelain braces to the teeth. This material is highly wear-resistant. Porcelain metal will be connected to the outside of the metal structure to provide tooth support and provide a good seal to prevent leakage and reduce the recurrence of tooth decay. When porcelain is fused with metal, it is easier

"Dear doctor, I read on the Internet that root canals cause cancer. Is this true?" Some people have such doubts, Xiao Ya emphasizes here: root canal treatment will not cause cancer or any other diseases. The fact is that root canal treatment, which is performed at least tens of millions of times by skilled dental professionals worldwide every year, can stop infections and protect teeth, saving future dental expenses. Here, Xiaoya recommends an article on the safety of root canal treatment by Dr. Marcus Johnson, an expert in endodontics in New York, USA. It can give the public a clear understanding

The filial son-daughter joint venture allowed the father of his early years to receive artificial dental implants and exchange beautiful teeth as a birthday gift. Unexpectedly, the dentist learned that the old man was administering bisphosphonates due to severe osteoporosis. He was worried that the dental surgery might cause bone necrosis, so he declined the patient's request. "Patients with osteoporosis often have oral health problems." Osteoporosis patients often have other chronic diseases, and the side effects of chronic disease drugs may affect oral health. If these patients have too many teeth and cannot eat normally, they can’t bite harder foods, they

Many people regard neat and white teeth as an indicator of health and beauty. If your teeth are not neat, it is normal to consider orthodontics for reasons of appearance and oral hygiene. But how do you know that orthodontics can actually improve your dental health? If you think you need orthodontics, what should you do? In order to answer the above questions, you can take the following steps to assess whether you need braces. Check your teeth; 2. Pay attention to other symptoms; 3. Consider orthodontic treatment; 4. Seek professional assistance. Check your teeth Find out crowded or crooked teeth.

Porcelain teeth are very powerful in dental restoration. Many dental problems can be solved by this method, so it is also widely used in clinical practice. However, porcelain teeth also have a certain useful life. So how long can porcelain teeth generally be used, and how can the life of porcelain teeth be extended? Quality and design of porcelain teeth If the design of the porcelain tooth is unreasonable, the false teeth may be broken or the real teeth may become loose due to excessive force, which will affect the normal use of the porcelain tooth. The ceramic that constitutes the

Although orthodontics is not simply aligning the teeth, it is a special plan for oral function and facial aesthetics, but for many friends, the ultimate goal of orthodontics is to beautify. Therefore, when preparing for orthodontics or orthodontics, everyone is more worried about the "braces face" caused by orthodontics. What exactly is a "braces face"? How did the "braces face" come from? In fact, the term "braces face" is not found in professional orthodontic books. The simple explanation of this word is: comparing the facial conditions before and after the treatment, the patient has protruding cheekbones and sunken cheeks. As more and

When replacing missing teeth, there are many options to choose from, including dental implants, porcelain bridges and removable dentures. When deciding which option to choose, the pros and cons of each treatment should be weighed according to the recommendations of the dentist. Dental implants are widely regarded as the best restoration options for missing teeth because of their aesthetic quality and durability, but considering that the cost of a single implant can be as high as 10,000 yuan, for many patients, the cost of a full mouth reconstruction It may be too high. The price of removable dentures is much cheaper,