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The appearance of dental calculus in the mouth is mainly due to the minerals contained in human saliva, which reacts with the acid secretions in the oral cavity. The physiological needs of a person determine that a large amount of saliva must be secreted every day. Due to the secretion of saliva, the minerals in the saliva have the conditions for long-term continuous reaction with the oral acidic liquid. As a result of this long-term reaction, acidic compounds are generated and become the cause of the formation of tooth "stone". These reactants are easily attached to the tooth surface , Or

American clinical data found that more than 30% of tooth loss patients have symptoms of anxiety and depression, and more than 70% of tooth loss patients are troubled by dietary restrictions and inability to enjoy food, while more than 60% of tooth loss patients will even avoid attending public events and laughing . Clinically often encountered patients with anxiety caused by active dentures, after dental transfer to psychiatric consultation, it is obvious that physiological dental problems do affect psychological impact, it is not difficult to find in clinical experience and life, people wearing active dentures It is often accompanied by pressures

Nowadays, rapid dental implants have become the first choice for many missing teeth, but there are also many patients with rapid dental implants who have suffered serious failures of gingival atrophy and loosening of the implants. Implants have become long and short feet, and suffer from gingival pain. Rapid dental implantation is highly dependent on the professional skills and experience of doctors, but the technical skills of practicing stomatologists are uneven, and many patients have such sequelae. According to a clinical research survey, nearly 20% of patients with rapid dental implants have severe gum atrophy and loosening of implants after surgery. Serious

"A cigarette after a meal, happy like a fairy" is the greatest enjoyment of many addicts, but behind the enjoyment, it is the hotbed of many diseases, such as lung cancer, upper respiratory diseases, periodontal diseases, etc. Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease caused by bacterial infection. Patients are stimulated by long-term plaque, which gradually causes inflammation of tooth flesh. If the plaque and calculus cannot be removed in time, it will further cause alveolar bone damage, which is often called periodontal disease. However, smoking itself will send many harmful substances into the body, which will affect the function of white blood

A man from recently received a root canal treatment for the upper row of molars. He did not return for treatment because it was not painful. After eating fried chicken steak for a while, the tooth was completely broken. The upper denture crown returned to normal. The patient underwent dental root canal treatment before serving in the military service. Since then, he did not return to the clinic because he felt no pain. When eating chicken chop once after serving in the military service, teeth were broken. After inspection, it was found that the fillings of the root canal treatment had

What do these little rubber bands do? "Elastic bands or rubber bands are a very important part of orthodontic treatment." "They provide the necessary force to move your teeth and adjust your jaw to ensure a beautiful and normally functioning occlusion at the end of your treatment." Elastic bands can improve the engagement of upper and lower teeth or jaw. Your teeth may look straight and fast, but when we try to adjust the occlusion, the real work comes. The rubber band needs to be worn all the time. Some orthodontic patients will choose to continue eating while eating. This is a good

Isn't it just to pull out a tooth? How can we pay so much attention to it? It's also said that it's too difficult to pull out the tooth. If you don't pull it out, you have to pull it out the next morning. At first sight, it's just that you don't have good medical skills. You have to find a reason to pull it out. Is it necessary to pay attention to the timing, geographical advantages, and harmony of people? If you meet such a doctor, you should feel lucky! Such a doctor is really thinking about patients. Why do you say

Millions of people worldwide use braces every year to replace missing or strengthened teeth. A brace is a dental material that is applied to the crown to protect and support it. Braces come in four different materials: All porcelain (mainly porcelain). Porcelain metal. Gold alloy. Basic metal alloy. All-ceramic braces are porcelain-based filling materials, and are recommended for use when restoring anterior teeth. Its color is closer to natural teeth. A dentist or dental technician may need to remove certain tooth structures to attach porcelain braces to the teeth, a material that is highly resistant to wear. Porcelain metal is connected to the

Take good care of your oral health first of all, pay attention to the details of each day. Brushing your teeth, using dental floss and mouthwash to reduce bacteria all help keep your oral environment healthy. Professional oral cleaning every six months is also the key to maintaining oral health. But what if you experience symptoms between visits? If you have the following conditions, you should see a dentist: Gum inflammation: Chronic inflammation or infection of the gums is a sign of gingivitis or gum disease. If left untreated, gingivitis is the main cause of tooth loss in adults. Bad breath: If

If the N95 mask is not contaminated, not contaminated with droplets, and is not deformed, the mask and the face fit closely, and you can generally wear it for three days. However, if you are in contact with a patient with a new crown, or if you feel difficulty breathing when wearing it, you should discard it in time. Surgical masks and medical masks are generally worn for 4 hours to be replaced, and can be replaced at any time when they are polluted or wet. What should I do with waste masks? The masks worn by healthy people do