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"Does your baby usually eat snacks? More than three times a day? This is a question that pediatricians often ask their parents. Some parents will say no, my children don't eat snacks. Some parents will say that their children can't stop eating. But there is a more worrying response from parents: "He doesn't eat sweets and snacks. We all give him natural fruits. " This kind of parents firmly believe in the "natural best" mood I know, but here, bud specially reminds us that eating too much fruit, not paying attention to oral cleaning, may also lead to tooth decay! Fruit has sugar

There are many precautions before tooth implantation, for example, to evaluate whether there is periodontal disease, whether there is systemic disease, whether there is diabetes. Before dental implantation, we must pay attention to the systemic condition of patients, whether there are systemic diseases, such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and whether they have received heart surgery, or use anticoagulants. If you have any of the above physical conditions, you need to inform the dentist, so that the dentist knows how to evaluate the treatment. Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the elderly, and it is the elderly who

It's human nature to love beauty. In recent years, there has been a trend not only in micro plastic surgery, but also in orthodontics. Having a neat tooth is not only beautiful, but also more confident! However, during the period of Orthodontics, some of the more careful braces will pay special attention to tooth cleaning, but once the braces are removed, they often neglect the cleaning of the orthodontic maintainer, especially the movable orthodontic maintainer. If the cleaning is not complete, bacteria may grow, which will make the maintainer smell, turn yellow, and even lead to periodontal problems such as cavities,

Dentist Li has been practicing medicine for decades, but there are many experiences, among them, a good dentist always has one characteristic: always keep the patient's primary teeth as much as possible with the concept of "conservative treatment and retention of primary teeth", so as to prolong the life of teeth to the maximum extent. Adhere to conservative treatment, try to retain the patient's original teeth, so that the original teeth can be used for the longest life. Because of the retention of primary teeth, it has a huge effect on patients' life in the future, such as making dentures, preventing the

There are two reasons why teeth are stained and yellow. Coffee, tea and drinks have become the daily drinks for people. Although they can refresh and quench their thirst, they unconsciously make their teeth more and more yellow. How can we solve the problem of "Coffee Yellow"? What are the reasons for tooth staining? Modern people hope to have a clean, white and bright tooth when they laugh. They look young and energetic. They are also helpful for social etiquette. Therefore, more and more people are looking for tooth whitening. Tooth whitening, simply speaking, is to remove the external pigment attached to the

Everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy smile that makes them proud. Orthodontics treatment is often considered a ritual in adolescence, but it is a worrying moment for those with special needs and their parents. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry defines special needs as "any physical, developmental, psychological, sensory, behavioral, cognitive, or emotional impairment that requires medical management, medical intervention, or the use of specialized services or programs." "Providing orthodontic treatment for these patients requires special knowledge and additional training, but it also requires increased awareness and adaptability. "In a formal dental specialty, responsible dentists treat patients of all ages and backgrounds," "We

Is it time to remove the braces? Congratulations! It is definitely worth celebrating. However, your orthodontic treatment is not over. After the braces is a retainer, also called a retainer. After the orthodontic treatment, the dental retainer will fix the teeth in the original position to prevent the teeth from returning to the original position. Because teeth move throughout their lives, the only way to maintain them after orthodontics is to wear the proper braces. Correct use of the retainer To keep your treatment going, follow these simple guidelines: Within 12 weeks after removing the braces (the specific number of days varies from

The crown can restore the beauty and function of the tooth by placing a porcelain, gold or metal shell on the tooth. The life of your crown depends on the type you choose and how you maintain it. Porcelain crowns are the most common type of dental crown because their manufacture exactly matches the color of your natural teeth. Not to mention, porcelain crowns can last for many years. However, just like your real teeth, if you want to keep it healthy and functional for years to come, you need to take care of your crown. During the period when you are

Many people see neat white teeth as an indicator of health and beauty. If your teeth are not in order, it is normal to consider orthodontic treatment for appearance and oral hygiene reasons. But how do you know that orthodontics can actually improve your dental health? If you think you need orthodontics, what should you do? In order to answer the above questions, you can take the following steps to evaluate whether you have the need for hoop teeth. Check your teeth; Pay attention to other symptoms; Consider orthodontic treatment; Seek professional assistance. Find crowded or curved teeth, collectively known as

Patients who use orthodontic braces often want to know how they will eat, and Sprout is often overwhelmed by a lot of questions and concerns about eating habits. If you are thinking about using Invisalign, Time Angel and other well-known invisible braces to correct your teeth, but you are worried about not drinking and eating your favorite food, the following suggestions may give you some reference. Can you eat while drinking? This is not recommended, as warm food can cause permanent damage to invisible braces and slow down your progress. The great thing about invisible braces is that you will never give