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There is a Kind of Sadness, Calling My Girlfriend to Have Bad Breath…

The survey shows that about 10% to 65% of people worldwide have suffered from bad breath. If they are accidentally recruited, not only will they suffer the crime, but also the people around them will suffer along with it.

Why is there bad breath?

Let’s talk about the flavor of bad breath

The taste of bad breath caused by different reasons will be different. The vast majority of bad breath is caused by the volatile sulfide produced by bacteria in the oral cavity, which is similar to the smell of rotten eggs. Bad breath caused by certain physical diseases also has a unique taste.

Sour smell

For example, people suffering from peptic ulcer, chronic gastritis, and functional dyspepsia are often accompanied by this type of bad breath.

Rotten apple

Due to the high sugar content in the blood of diabetic patients, unpleasant odors such as rotten apple or ketones will be produced during metabolism, and it is also more likely to cause bacterial growth and oral diseases such as periodontitis.

Fishy smell

Upper respiratory tract diseases such as sinusitis, tonsillitis, and pharyngitis all secrete a large amount of protein-containing mucus. Part of the mucus adheres to the back of the tongue or the oropharynx. When the protein is decomposed, it will produce a putrid smell.

Urine smell

Patients with nephritis or other kidney diseases, in the stage of renal failure, that is, patients with uremia, cannot urinate normally, the toxins will remain in the blood and cannot be excreted, and the smell of the person’s exhalation will smell of urine.


Seeing this, I believe that everyone already has a clear answer to the initial question. If your girlfriend has bad breath, don’t be entangled or not, but help her find the cause of bad breath and cure her bad breath.

Many boys feel that mentioning bad breath with their girlfriends will make them feel that they are disgusting with her (although many girls think so), but they can’t bear it for a while. The correct way is to remind her in a tactful way. And conduct psychological counseling to help her solve problems together.

How should bad breath be treated?

Compare the causes of bad breath and prescribe the right medicine to get twice the result with half the effort.


Physiological bad breath

  • Eating irritating foods, such as garlic, onions, etc., smoking, hunger, etc. will cause temporary bad breath.
  • Failure to pay attention to oral hygiene can also cause bad breath. For example, if you do not brush your teeth before going to bed at night, the food residues in your mouth are broken down by bacteria to give rise to odor.
  • There is also tongue coating. This is a place that most people forget to clean up, but they don’t know that the number of bacteria on it is horribly high. Due to the large surface area of ​​the back of the tongue, there are many nipples, grooves and depressions, which are conducive to the retention of bacteria, oral mucosal epithelium, food residues, etc., causing the tongue coating to become thick, which is conducive to the growth of anaerobic bacteria and promotes the growth of volatile sulfides. Produce, cause bad breath.

If the bad breath is caused by the above reasons, it is not difficult to solve it. Those with heavy tastes and smokers should remember to brush their teeth in time, use mouthwash, mouth spray, etc. to freshen their breath. For toothpaste, choose fresh breath toothpaste containing menthol and other flavors, tongue coating Heavy people develop the habit of cleaning their tongue with a tongue scraper.

Pathological halitosis is divided into oral halitosis and non-oral halitosis.

Oral bad breath: Untreated gingivitis, periodontitis, oral mucosal diseases, dental caries, residual roots, residual crowns, bad restorations, etc. in the mouth may cause bad breath.

According to statistics, 80% to 90% of bad breath comes from the oral cavity, and patients with oral diseases must be treated in the hospital. Oral diseases are mainly caused by inadequate oral cleaning and the growth of dental plaque and calculus. Therefore, to prevent oral diseases, oral cleaning must be done in the final analysis.

Non-oral halitosis

That is, bad breath caused by other physical diseases. For this kind of problem, you should seek medical treatment to treat the source of the disease, so as to fundamentally solve bad breath.

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