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Why do I Need to Extract Teeth for Orthodontics?

Many people who want to straighten their teeth don’t understand why they need to be pulled out to straighten their teeth. And most of the time the teeth to be pulled out are healthy teeth, which seems a pity.

Because I often struggle with whether to extract the tooth, it interferes with the choice of the orthodontic plan, and ultimately leads to the unsatisfactory effect of the orthodontic tooth. It is a pity that both time and money are wasted.

In fact, in this world, there is no one who cherishes teeth more than a dentist. They do everything possible to keep their teeth. Sometimes it is even a tooth root, but several completely healthy teeth are removed drastically during orthodontics. Why is there such a contradiction?

Actually, not all orthodontic patients need extractions. As for which teeth should be extracted and which teeth should not be extracted, it still depends on the patient’s own situation

Why do I need to extract teeth?

Orthodontics is a process where the doctor applies an external force to the teeth through the appliance, so that the alveolar bone is remodeled and the teeth move.

But many people’s oral cavity has the problem of inconsistent bone mass, that is, the mass of teeth is greater than the mass of bone, and the circumference of the teeth is greater than the circumference of the jaw, which causes problems such as crowding and uneven arrangement of teeth.

Therefore, if this is the case, you need to extract space to allow other teeth to move, and finally arrange them in order to improve the chewing function and make the face look better.

How do I determine whether I need to extract my teeth?

There is no inevitable standard for whether to extract a tooth or not. It often depends on the doctor’s treatment method, technique and idea.

But after all, the biggest purpose of orthodontics is to improve functionality and aesthetics. If you can find a space to arrange the teeth neatly without affecting the two, then there is no need to extract the teeth.

Conversely, if the function and appearance cannot be improved without extraction, then extraction is required.

Because orthodontic extraction is a step that must be taken to correct some malocclusion deformities, depending on the type and degree of malocclusion, some malocclusions do not need to be extracted at all, and some malocclusions must be extracted.

Principles of orthodontic tooth extraction

1. Can not extract teeth without extracting teeth;

2, if you want to extract, first look at the bad tooth (loose tooth, tooth decay, bad tooth);

3. Next, look at the teeth with relatively secondary functions;

4. When the tooth is extracted, it is generally symmetrical up and down, and 4 teeth are extracted;

5. Basically, the incisor teeth and the most fat and largest permanent molars will not be extracted, ensuring the beauty and function.

Tooth must be extracted in the following three cases

1. People with crowded dentition

Because the amount of teeth does not match the amount of bone, the teeth are deformed. Therefore, a certain number of teeth must be extracted during orthodontics.

Patients with a crowding degree of II-III are more likely to extract their teeth, in order to coordinate the relationship between tooth volume and bone mass, relieve the crowded dentition, and reduce the recurrence of deformity.

2, those with protruding face

refers to buck teeth. A certain number of teeth need to be extracted to obtain gaps, to achieve the purpose of adducting the front teeth and moving the back teeth forward, improving the protrusion of the dental arch and alleviating the protrusion of the face, thereby making the patient’s facial profile more beautiful.

3. Those who need to correct occlusion

Due to the asymmetric occlusion of the upper and lower teeth, these patients need to use the extraction gap to adjust the occlusal relationship of the posterior teeth, so that the posterior cusps are staggered, and the occlusal contact area is maximized to achieve the best mastication efficiency.

Will there be any adverse effects on orthodontic tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is to leave room for tooth movement during orthodontics. Therefore, professional orthodontists will improve the functionality and aesthetics of the oral cavity to a certain extent after the orthodontics are completed, and eliminate them after the completion of the orthodontics. The impact of tooth extraction.

The first choice for orthodontists in the treatment of tooth extraction is the diseased tooth and the tooth that has the least impact on the masticatory function. After some teeth are extracted, it has no effect on the masticatory function and improves health rather than hindering it.

There is no significant difference in the impact on the health of the teeth between those who have tooth extraction and those who do not.

In addition, orthodontic extraction is performed under good surgical anesthesia, which can make the pain almost zero, and the gap after the extraction will be completely closed by the appliance.

Orthodontics, what should I do if I don’t want to extract my teeth?

Generally speaking, when orthodontics require tooth extraction, bicuspid teeth are the priority. In some cases, you can choose to extract the incisor teeth, tooth decay, or severe damage.

Of course, if you don’t want to extract or reduce the number of teeth, you can also inform the attending doctor. The doctor will adjust the treatment plan according to the actual situation or choose other treatment methods to achieve the desired effect.


If you are dissatisfied with your own or your child’s teeth, want to obtain a confident and perfect smile through orthodontic treatment, or have any questions about orthodontics, you must go to a regular dental medical institution for consultation and treatment, and choose an experienced professional orthodontist. Tailor the best correction plan to ensure that the correction effect reaches or exceeds expectations!

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