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Can Single Row Orthodontics Really Save Money?

When doing orthodontics, some people can’t help asking:

My lower teeth are quite neat, can I only correct the upper teeth?

I don’t want to spend so much money, can I just correct one row of teeth?

What is the purpose of correction?

Think about the orthodontists we saw on the street. Are they wearing braces up and down, but almost never see a single row of teeth. Why?

This is because orthodontics is not simply aligning the teeth, it is to make the teeth more beautiful and healthier on the basis of maintaining the chewing function of the teeth themselves.

What are the hazards of correcting only a single row of teeth?

  1. Affect the chewing function of teeth

If only the upper jaw is made and the lower jaw is not made, all the teeth involved in the correction of the upper jaw will move to a certain extent after the alignment, while the uncorrected teeth of the lower jaw will not move, resulting in changes in the bite.

When only part of the correction is done, the occlusal relationship between the upper and lower jaw cannot be corrected artificially, so the occlusion will be worse after the correction, which affects the most basic function of the teeth-chewing, and thus affects the digestive mechanism.

  1. Affect the beauty

The upper anterior teeth cover the lower anterior teeth too much, causing it to look like buck teeth, which affects the appearance.

  1. Teeth are easy to loosen and fall off

Teeth are prone to occlusal trauma, which can cause teeth to loosen and fall off.

  1. Causes facial soft tissue problems

Disorders of occlusal balance can cause facial soft tissue problems, such as muscle problems, facial stiffness, and reduced facial softness.

  1. Cause oral diseases

Disorders of occlusal balance can cause periodontal disease, pain in the temporomandibular joint area, even unexplained headaches, and wedge-shaped defects in most posterior teeth.

  1. Unstable, easy to relapse

Disorders of occlusal balance result in unstable teeth alignment. Over time, the irregular dentition will gradually recur and become irregular again.

Can single row orthodontics really save money?

Once single-row orthodontics cause occlusal disorders, it will be very difficult to end up. At that time, full mouth correction is bound to be done again. It is really not worth the gain!

Therefore, it is generally not recommended to do single-row teeth correction! Unless it is a very, very simple situation, just fine-tune the bite.

If you are still not satisfied after reading this, then the editor will continue to bring out these high concepts such as occlusal reconstruction, proprioception, and biological aesthetics… Keep it simple, the way of speaking is simple, any part of the human body is a sophisticated complex , The teeth are no exception. Teeth are the end of orthodontics, which are closely related to the joints, facial muscles, and airways.

Therefore, orthodontics is not a simple alignment of teeth. Its ultimate goal is to make the oral and jaw system balanced, stable, and beautiful, so that the oral and jaw system can be used for a long time with minimal consumption and maximum service life. Accompany us for life.

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