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Tooth Filling to Bankruptcy, Toothache to Insomnia! How Long Can Your Teeth Last Without Filling?

Tooth decay (we call it dental caries), whether in adults, children, or the elderly, teeth will suffer from caries.

For healthy teeth, the crown is white or light yellow, and the tooth surface is smooth. If you don’t do a good job of cleaning, these small black spots will appear on the teeth.

One is tooth stains, which is difficult to clean; the other is deep or shallow tooth decay…

Your teeth are eroded like this


The small black spots at the beginning are like this: shallow caries

The caries damage is only in the enamel, generally there is no obvious caries, except for small visible black spots, there is no feeling at all. Tooth decay is formed by small holes formed by bacteria. If you find that it is black, you can take medication or filling treatment in time, which will save a lot of trouble.

ps: There are three layers of teeth. The outer layer is enamel, which is the hardest; the middle is dentin, which can sense soreness; the innermost is the tooth nerve that makes you sore.


Small black spots become bigger: medium caries

In the middle caries stage, the caries has reached the superficial layer of the dentin, and there are obvious cavities in the clinical examination. When the teeth are stimulated by cold, hot, sour and sweet, the irritation will disappear, and the symptoms will disappear immediately.

In the middle dental caries stage, your teeth have not been completely demonized, and if you fill them in time, you can still be saved.


Small black spots form black holes: deep caries

The decay has reached the deep layer of dentin, generally manifested as large and deep cavities, and the teeth have obvious pain. Drinking water and eating, as long as you touch your teeth, the pain will die. Even if there is no stimulation, the pain will continue for a period of time to disappear.

If filling treatment is done at this time, there is still time to preserve the pulp, which will save a lot of money.


Invasion of pulp tissue: pulpitis

The source of infection of pulpitis mainly comes from deep caries. Infection of the pulp can also cause retrograde infection of the apex through the apical foramen. The main feature is irritation pain. Generally, the effect of analgesics is not obvious, and the pain cannot be located.

Later it can develop into pulp gangrene, and the treatment is mainly root canal treatment.


Invasion of tooth root: apical periodontitis

Pulpitis develops to the advanced stage, most or all of the pulp tissue will be necrotic, or bacterial infection may cause inflammation of the periapical tissue.

At this time, occlusal pain is the main symptom of periapical periodontitis. Over time, it will aggravate dental conditions, such as increased pain, persistent throbbing pain, loose teeth, root mucosa swelling, tenderness, etc.

At this time, you need to go to a regular dental hospital to treat the tooth.


Finally the little black dot is gone

Because the crowns are all corroded

When the tooth is left with the residual crown and root, maybe it can be rescued. This is the last chance to rescue the tooth. As far as current medical technology is concerned, post crown restoration after root canal treatment can well preserve the residual crown and root.


Last but not least: remove

At this point, the teeth are truly gone from you. When you react, you can only choose dental implants, which requires a lot of money~

Remind everyone: If you suffer from tooth decay (caries), you should repair it as early as possible, because after the cavities are repaired, the development of caries can be prevented, the function of the teeth can be restored as soon as possible, and the integrity of the dentition can be maintained.

What should I pay attention to before and after fillings?

Before filling

Tooth fillings should be repaired in a timely and early manner, which can effectively stop the further development of tooth decay, and early filling restorations have a short course of treatment, low cost and good results.

Tooth fillings must be performed in a regular and professional dental institution. Not only are the doctors experienced, but the disinfection is also strict to ensure the exact effect of the filling.

The selection of filling materials should be based on the specific conditions of tooth decay, not the more expensive the better.

After filling

For filled teeth, due to the different properties of the filling materials, timely protection should be given. The main points to note are:

Fillings still need to pay attention to oral hygiene, fillings cannot guarantee that you will no longer have dental caries.

After the glass ion fillings, because the glass ion can be fully solidified after 24 hours, you can chew with the teeth on the filling side 24 hours after filling. You should eat some soft food first, and then gradually adapt.

After composite resin fillings, do not brush the surface of the restoration with a hard toothbrush within one week, because the composite resin will not be cured until 7 days before reaching the desired effect.

If the following conditions occur after filling the teeth

Seek medical attention immediately! Return to Sohu to see more

New organisms appear in the mouth, the surface is granular, cauliflower-like or early symptoms such as ulceration and pain.

Unexplained pain and numbness in tongue and cheeks.

The ulcer on the mouth or cheek has not healed after two weeks.

Unexplained white or red patches of the oral mucosa.

Unexplained pain, rapid loosening, falling out, etc. of teeth.

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