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The True Face of [Wisdom Teeth]! To Be Kind To It Is to Be Cruel to Yourself!

Speaking of wisdom teeth, most people have extremely deep memories because it is really painful.

Then a wisdom tooth is a good tooth, it hurts if you say it hurts, and sometimes it needs to be pulled out?

Many people want to know the answer to this topic today.

First of all, I will give you a review. What is wisdom teeth: Wisdom teeth refer to the innermost four third molars on the alveolar bone in the human mouth.

Because these four third molars began to erupt just when they were about 20 years old. At this time, the physical and psychological development of humans is close to maturity, so they are regarded as a symbol of “wisdom coming”, so they are called “wisdom teeth”, which are the most oral cavity. Teeth near the throat.

From the perspective of the growth of wisdom teeth: individual differences are great. Some people grow up before the age of 20, some grow up until they are 40 or 50, and some do not grow for life. This is normal.

Moreover, the four wisdom teeth are not necessarily full. Some people may only have 1 or 2 wisdom teeth, and some wisdom teeth may grow to half of them and then no longer grow. This situation is called impacted wisdom teeth, that is, impacted teeth. .

The position of the wisdom tooth starts between the front teeth and counts the number of teeth from one front tooth to the inside. If there is an eighth tooth, it is a wisdom tooth.

From the perspective of modern medicine, wisdom teeth are the inevitability of human evolution. Wisdom teeth usually grow when the human mind has matured, hence the name.

We seldom use wisdom teeth when eating, and the emergence of wisdom teeth often brings trouble to cleaning teeth.

Because the wisdom teeth are at the innermost end of the alveolar bone, especially the wisdom teeth that are not well positioned! It is difficult for toothbrushes to have enough space for cleaning.

If things go on like this, food residues accumulated around teeth often cause oral inflammation, such as wisdom teeth pericoronitis.

Moreover, wisdom teeth are basically not used during eating and chewing, and cleaning and protection is very troublesome, so it is recommended that most people remove their wisdom teeth directly to avoid oral diseases caused by wisdom teeth.

Of course, if the wisdom teeth themselves are well grown and do not affect daily life, you can also choose not to pull them out.

1.The best age for wisdom tooth extraction: 13-30 years old

Some people may ask, is there an optimal age for wisdom tooth extraction? Some experts point out that 13-30 years old is the best period for wisdom tooth extraction.

Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to extract wisdom teeth before the age of 30, and the trauma will increase after the age of 40. Many people come when they “have to be pulled out”. Some elderly people do not pull out their wisdom teeth until they are in their 80s. They are often unable to pull out their wisdom teeth because their physical condition is not suitable. The eradication sometimes even affects the elderly to wear dentures, and the quality of life is seriously impaired.

Some wisdom teeth have caused damage to the surrounding teeth, and two or three teeth will have to be extracted together, and the damage will be even greater then. In principle, once wisdom teeth are found to be dysplasia, they should be removed as soon as possible, otherwise the future will be endless.

2.The best plan: 12-18 years old

Go for dental checkup

Experts also proposed the best treatment for wisdom teeth. During the period of 12 to 18 years old, it is best to go to the hospital for a “physical examination” of the teeth to see the development of the wisdom teeth for early diagnosis and treatment. At that time, the roots of the wisdom teeth have not yet formed, so operate as soon as possible. Little trauma, life-long benefit.

In addition, it is best to remove impacted wisdom teeth that may cause disease before pregnancy.

3.So long wisdom teeth,

Should I remove it?

For long wisdom teeth, see if they are crooked or often inflamed. If it affects the health of the oral cavity, it is recommended to remove it, and if it does not harm the oral cavity, it is recommended to keep it.

Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed, but if the following situations occur, they should be considered as soon as possible.


The position is not correct, usually in the mandibular wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth grow forward and squeeze to adjacent teeth. In addition, it can be harmful if it grows backward, tongue, cheek, or even downward.

Abnormal growth direction of wisdom teeth usually results in gaps or grooves between the wisdom teeth and adjacent molars. It is very easy to incarcerate food residues and is not cleaned for a long time. Adjacent molars will cause caries, pulpitis, apical inflammation, etc. .



Due to incomplete eruption of most wisdom teeth, part of the crown is surrounded by the gums to form a blind pocket. Food residues are easy to enter and hard to get out, resulting in swelling of the pericoronal soft tissue and empyema in the blind pocket. Patients will have symptoms such as pain, difficulty opening, and fever.

Pericoronitis can occur repeatedly, and in severe cases, infection of the jaw space and mandibular osteomyelitis may occur.


Dislocation of teeth

A person can grow up to four wisdom teeth, some people will grow one, some people will grow a few, when the wisdom teeth are covered, it is easy to cause no corresponding teeth to bite, resulting in abnormal bite.


Not easy to clean

Due to lack of space, wisdom teeth often grow crooked and twisted, which often causes difficulties in cleaning teeth, leading to tooth decay.


See a doctor promptly

To grow wisdom teeth, you still have to go to the hospital for examination to see if it is harmful to the health of the oral cavity.

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