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What is the Difference Between Porcelain Teeth and All Porcelain Teeth?

Many friends mistakenly think that all-ceramic teeth are porcelain teeth (is it because there are two words porcelain teeth in the name?), there is no difference between the two, but in fact it is not! Let’s take a look today~

What are porcelain teeth?

Porcelain tooth is to grind the teeth down and take an impression, pour a plaster model, then make a metal base on the model, and then bake four layers of porcelain powder on the outside at high temperature.

What is all-ceramic tooth?

The all-ceramic tooth is similar to the porcelain tooth. It replaces the metal base with a layer of all-ceramic transparent support frame, and then a layer of porcelain powder similar in color to the natural tooth is baked on its outer coronal surface, and finally bonded to the tooth .

What are the differences between porcelain teeth and porcelain teeth?

First, From the appearance

All-ceramic teeth: Since there is no metal inner crown, it has good transparency and refraction, so that the neck of the tooth can also achieve a good aesthetic effect.

Porcelain tooth: The opacity of the metal inner crown of the porcelain tooth needs to cover the metal base with opaque opaque porcelain, which will affect the transparency of the restoration, making the porcelain tooth crown appear more chalky, pale and false after restoration.

Second, black gum line problem

All-ceramic teeth: Since there is no metal inside the all-ceramic teeth, there will be no oxidation, and there will be no problem of blackening of the gums.

Porcelain teeth: The metal of porcelain teeth can be oxidized in the oral cavity to form gray oxides, which are scattered and deposited on the edge of the gums, which often causes the edges of the gums to turn gray and affect the appearance.

Three, the degree of inner and outer crowns

All-ceramic teeth: Both inner and outer crowns are made of porcelain, so there will be no peeling of porcelain and metal.

Porcelain teeth: The combination of metal and porcelain is a weak link. It is often seen that porcelain and metal peel off, revealing gray-black metal.

Fourth, gum health problems

All-ceramic teeth: With good biocompatibility, there are basically no sensitive cases.

Porcelain teeth: Part of the metal of porcelain teeth has serious irritation to the gums. Some people (especially women) are allergic to it, causing swelling and bleeding of the gums, and even some patients are allergic to precious metals.

At last, From the perspective of tooth wear

All-ceramic teeth: The hardness is similar to that of tooth enamel, which will not cause wear of the jaw teeth.

Porcelain teeth: Harder than tooth enamel, which can cause wear on the jaw teeth.

What should I pay attention to when wearing porcelain teeth and all porcelain teeth?

Precautions for porcelain teeth

  1. There is mild discomfort when wearing porcelain teeth for the first time, and patients should gradually adapt. If you feel an obvious foreign body sensation or pain, you should consult a doctor promptly.
  2. Part of the tooth enamel is removed during tooth preparation. When the porcelain tooth is first worn, cold and heat sensitivity may appear, which will gradually ease over time.
  3. The food in the initial stage should be soft and hard, and then eat normal food after adapting.
  4. Porcelain teeth are not real teeth, they will shatter porcelain under excessive pressure, so don’t bite too hard food.
  5. Compared with before the restoration, the occlusal relationship of the upper and lower teeth may change slightly, so you must gradually adapt.
  6. The joint between the porcelain teeth and the teeth is easy to gather plaque, forming tartar and caries. Care must be taken to keep the oral cavity clean. Brush your teeth after meals. The interdental teeth can be cleaned with dental floss. Go to the hospital for regular checkups and teeth cleaning.
  7. Regular check-ups in the stomatology department of the hospital can detect and treat various dental diseases in advance and prevent the occurrence and development of periodontal diseases such as gum atrophy.

What are the precautions after making all-ceramic teeth?

  1. There is mild discomfort when wearing a crown for the first time. Patients should practice using it patiently and adapt gradually.
  2. Eat soft food when you first wear it, and then eat normal food after getting used to it. Avoid eating hard foods.
  3. Keep your mouth clean and develop the habit of brushing your teeth after meals.
  4. Those who adapt to the crown wearing or cause pain should be recovered in time.
  5. Regular review.
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