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Do I Need to See a Dentist for Baby Teeth Replacement?

Should I get a dentist to remove it when changing teeth? Will it grow crooked if it is not unplugged? Let’s go ahead and watch.

The congenital position of permanent teeth is on the lingual side, and the acquired position will be adjusted

The new teeth, especially the incisors of the lower jaw, actually do not completely grow from directly under the deciduous teeth, but rather grow back (on the tongue side), so the “double row of teeth” with one row of deciduous teeth and one row of permanent teeth is Very common.

In addition, the teeth are not settled there for the rest of their lives after they have grown out. The teeth are actually in a dynamic balance throughout their lives, adjusting their positions at any time. Too close to the tongue, the tongue will naturally push the teeth out; too close to the lips, the lips will naturally squeeze the teeth back. The tooth will stay in his most comfortable position.

So even if there is a temporary double row of teeth, as long as there is enough space, after the baby tooth falls off, the tooth will still return to where it should be.

The upper front teeth will be pushed back by the next teeth

Not only did the lower jaw’s front teeth look crooked at the beginning, but the upper jaw’s front teeth were crooked and cracked at the beginning, which also made many parents worry about whether to start saving money for correction. But in most cases, after the upper front teeth and canine teeth are replaced, the crooked front teeth will be squeezed back to where they should be, and the gap between the teeth will be locked, so parents don’t have to worry too early.

However, it should be noted that there is a major premise for the teeth to return to their positions and to be squeezed back: the teeth must have enough space to line up neatly. If the size of the mouth can only allow the teeth to grow crookedly, then even if the deciduous teeth have fallen out and the next teeth have grown, the permanent teeth will still not become neat.

Doesn’t it really get crooked if you don’t extract your baby teeth early?

There will still be many parents who are curious to say, will their teeth really grow crooked? People used to say that? But in fact, it should be said that it is true that many people’s teeth may grow out of order, but the main reason for this is that the teeth are too large and the mouth space is too small, and the two ratios are out of balance.

The size of a tooth is innate, and no factor can change its size. The size of the mouth is also natural. Current studies have shown that premature extraction of deciduous teeth and bad oral habits may cause the mouth space to become smaller and lead to irregular teeth. However, no studies have shown that the missing deciduous teeth will affect the mouth space. size.

In other words, if the deciduous teeth of quick tooth replacement are not extracted, it will not affect the neatness of the teeth.

When is it recommended to find a dentist for extraction?

In fact, parents can relax their attitude towards children’s tooth replacement and don’t need to think too seriously. Usually Xiaoya will let the children choose for themselves: some children are very nervous and dare not pull out the doctor, then let the children shake their teeth, which is easier for them; some children dare not pull out by themselves but are willing to pull out the doctor, then I will help him Pull, he can rest assured that I can rest assured.

There are only the following three conditions, Xiao Ya will suggest to see a dentist:

  1. When it affects normal eating

If the deciduous tooth that is about to be lost has not fallen, the child may feel pain when it affects the child’s eating or other normal functions. It is recommended that the long-term pain is not as good as the short-term pain, and it should be pulled out quickly to make the child more comfortable.

  1. When cleaning is affected

Sometimes when the new tooth comes out, the old tooth has not fallen out, and when the two are close and close together, it may be easier to jam at the junction. Although it will not affect the order in the future, it will affect the child’s brushing. It is recommended to remove them as soon as possible to maintain the health of permanent teeth.

  1. When the root absorption of deciduous teeth is low

This condition is sometimes seen, especially in the front teeth of the lower jaw. Although permanent teeth grow from the back of the tongue, some people’s permanent teeth grow too far behind and become deciduous teeth. The roots are very stable. It is almost impossible for children to pull out the deciduous teeth on their own. It is recommended to ask a dentist for help. Better.

Conclusion: Changing deciduous teeth is the only way for every child. There will be a total of 20 from the age of six to twelve. Knowing the precautions for changing teeth is actually not that scary.

How to avoid retention of primary teeth?

The way to avoid retention of deciduous teeth is that parents should pay more attention to children’s diet not to be soft, and encourage children to eat foods containing crude fiber appropriately. The fruit should not be cut too finely. You should try to let your child use the front teeth to cut and bite the food, so that the teeth have a certain chewing stimulation, which is conducive to the normal loss of deciduous teeth and the eruption of permanent teeth in the normal dentition.

In summary:

  1. The congenital position of permanent teeth grows out of the lingual side of deciduous teeth, and the position will be adjusted the day after tomorrow.
  2. Irregular teeth and crooked teeth are related to the ratio of the size of the teeth and the size of the mouth, and have nothing to do with whether or not the baby teeth are extracted early.
  3. The upper front teeth may be cracked, crooked, and rotated when they are just replaced, and the next teeth will get better when they are replaced.
  4. When the undropped deciduous tooth affects eating, cleaning, or the root of the tooth is too stable, it is recommended to seek treatment with a dentist.
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