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Correcting Crooked Teeth is not Only to Make it More Beautiful

Is adult orthodontics just for aesthetics? If the teeth are disordered and the bite is not correct, it will not only affect social interaction, job search, and daily diet, but also affect your health.

These crooked teeth will become a habitat for bacteria and calculus, destroying the health of teeth and periodontal tissues. Over time, your roots, gums, and alveolar bone will shrink and your teeth will become looser and fall off more easily. Therefore, the more economical effect of orthodontics for adults is to extend the life of teeth.

Tooth correction is not only for beauty, but also can treat periodontal disease, adjust occlusal relationship, and maintain normal function of teeth. So indirectly speaking, for adults, orthodontics can extend the life of teeth.

A good tooth with a normal bite force is the most basic and most important thing for a person’s life. If the teeth are not good or the bite is incorrect, eating will not taste good in this life.

Is it too late for adults to straighten their teeth?

In short, the principle of orthodontics is the process of tooth force → transmission to alveolar bone → alveolar bone absorption and regeneration → tooth movement. Even as an adult, if you have bite differences, ragged teeth, overlapping teeth, misaligned jaws, “buck teeth” or one of the many other dental symptoms, you can consider orthodontics.

With the development and application of new technologies, especially after 2010, some emerging treatment methods have enabled adult correction to have more options than the original, and the effect is better, the speed is faster, and the maintenance is more convenient. Fast and comfortable, you can fix the orthodontic wire without using a rubber band. The orthodontic wire can quickly advance the movement of the teeth in the braces, and only a small amount of force is required to move your teeth faster and more comfortably.

Avoid a bite of steel teeth ceramic aligners

Unlike adolescents, many adults are concerned about the “steel teeth” of orthodontics, so it is recommended that adults wear white ceramic braces. The new generation of ceramic orthoses is not only beautiful, but also comfortable to wear. And it has the advantages of reducing occlusal interference, not damaging teeth and anti-staining.

How often do I have invisible braces?

One of the benefits of invisible braces is the 3D digital customization, and the correction is carried out at multiple points, so there will be no sudden loss of the brackets, and it usually takes a long time to return to the clinic.

Will the face become smaller after orthodontics?

This varies from person to person, depending on how crowded and messy the teeth are. After the corrected teeth return to normal, the face will look more pleasing to the eye, beautiful, and usually not smaller.

Therefore, don’t feel unconscious when you are young. When you are old, there are many problems with your teeth suddenly, and you want to turn the tide but find that it is too late. Remember, teeth have some of the above problems, don’t get entangled, orthodontic as soon as possible, so that your teeth will not easily deteriorate.

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