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Does it Matter if the Child’s New Permanent Teeth are Yellow?

Permanent teeth look yellow

Many parents will be worried when they see new yellow teeth when they first change their teeth, and ask if the toothbrush is not clean, or whether they should choose a product for whitening.

Although everyone’s teeth are inherently different in color, in fact, permanent teeth really look yellower than baby teeth.

Why is this happening? This is related to the structure of the tooth. The structure of the tooth is divided into three layers from the outside to the inside: enamel, dentin, and pulp cavity. The key lies in the outermost layer of enamel.

The structure of tooth enamel is mainly minerals similar to glass. The enamel of deciduous teeth is not well mineralized. It looks a bit like frosted glass and a bit transparent, but the overall color tends to be misty white.

The enamel of permanent teeth is better mineralized and looks more transparent like ordinary glass, so it is easier to see the color of the second layer of dentin from the outside, and the color of dentin will be yellowish, so look It will look yellow.

Therefore, the permanent teeth will look yellower than the baby teeth, which is normal. It’s just that this is easier to see when there are both primary and permanent teeth. When all teeth are deciduous teeth or permanent teeth, this difference in color is not easy to see.

The new permanent teeth have a “mountain” shape

In addition, sometimes, parents will find that after the child has changed teeth, the teeth that have just grown are sharp and thorns, and they don’t remember that when his deciduous teeth are growing, but they don’t remember if they changed their teeth, so they bring them to the dentist. take a look.

This is also an important feature difference between the deciduous teeth of permanent teeth. The tip of the deciduous incisor is flat when it first grows, but when the permanent incisor is newly grown, the tip is a bit like a protrusion in the shape of a “mountain”. This is a permanent tooth. It has a special structure, but in fact, this feature will soon be smoothed out with the use of food. Adults’ front teeth are usually flat, and rarely continue to be sharp.

Therefore, it is normal for the permanent incisors to grow sharp at the beginning, so don’t worry.

Molars only found in permanent teeth

There is also a kind of permanent tooth that is easy to be misunderstood. Some children grow a tooth behind the tiger tooth. At first they think that the canine tooth is about to be replaced. It is common that there are two teeth side by side, but if you look closely, things are not what you think Like that…

Small molars are also unique to permanent teeth, so some parents are used to seeing the teeth of deciduous teeth, but they are unfamiliar with this tooth. He is like a large molar with half the width and has an occlusal surface, but not that big. There is a pointed bite on the cheek and tongue.

Parents saw the molars when they just germinated, and only saw two pointed teeth on the front and back. They thought they were growing two teeth at the same time, but they were actually the same tooth, but the middle was still The gums are just covered.

There are two sets of teeth, neuroprimary and permanent teeth

Due to the high rate of tooth decay in children, it is very common for deciduous teeth to decay to the point of getting nerves. Many parents retreat when they hear the nerves. They are afraid that they will lose nerves when new teeth grow out. it is good.

However, the development of permanent teeth actually started very early. The permanent teeth of the six-year-old president had already developed in the bones when the child was born. The nerves are also part of the development of teeth. So even if the deciduous tooth needs to get a nerve, the permanent tooth it will be replaced will still have its own healthy nerve, and the two will not affect each other.

Permanent teeth will never be replaced

Human teeth are a set of deciduous teeth and a set of permanent teeth throughout their lives, and they are gone. The technology is still a little better now. There is a third set of teeth-implants, but it is expensive. It is recommended to clean and nurse the teeth from an early age. Don’t wait until permanent teeth are also decayed. It is troublesome to deal with It’s up.

In summary:

Because of the different structure of tooth enamel, permanent teeth will look yellower and deciduous teeth will look whiter.

At the beginning, the permanent incisors will have a hill-shaped protrusion structure, which will be smoothed with age.

Permanent teeth have unique small molars, which look like narrow larger molars.

The nerves of the deciduous teeth of the permanent teeth are not connected.

The permanent teeth will not be replaced afterwards, so take good care of them.

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