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How to Prevent Orthodontic Demineralization after Orthodontics?

During the orthodontic process, some people will ask, “What is the chalky mottled spots next to the steel teeth?”

These mottled spots or plaques are demineralized teeth. The outermost enamel of a tooth is a hard shell of the tooth. It is a highly mineralized hard tissue and the hardest tissue in the human body. When there is tooth decay, calcium and phosphorus are lost from the enamel, and the teeth demineralize, so chalky plaques appear.

Why does this happen?

In a normal oral environment, the demineralization and remineralization of tooth enamel maintain a dynamic balance, and the use of oral fixed appliances breaks its balance. The main reasons for the demineralization of enamel are the complicated structure of the fixed appliance, the decline of the self-cleaning function of the teeth, the inconvenience of brushing, the difficulty of maintaining oral hygiene, and the easy formation and retention of dental plaque which demineralize the enamel. Therefore, orthodontists are particularly prone to enamel demineralization, which is manifested as chalky spots on the teeth.

How to prevent demineralization of orthodontics?

The teeth are demineralized, and you need to pay attention to maintaining oral hygiene. Especially after a meal, you should clean your mouth, preferably brush your teeth, at least rinse your mouth after a meal, and remove the residue left in the teeth in time to avoid further damage to the teeth.

After removing the braces, the chalky demineralization will not be good?

There are many ways to improve the chalky spots after removing the braces.

Pay attention to diet and drink plenty of water

Pay attention to diet, protect teeth, and prevent demineralized teeth from getting worse. Avoid eating too cold or hard or sweet or acidic food to avoid dental discomfort. Usually pay attention to drinking more boiled water to clean the mouth.

Cut down on carbonated drinks

Pay attention to drinking carbonated beverages, such as cola or sports drinks, which contain a variety of organic acids, and these organic acids can decompose calcium, and then erode the teeth, causing tooth demineralization.

Choose the right toothbrush

You need to choose the right toothbrush to brush your teeth. Although the hard-bristled toothbrush has good cleaning effect, the hard-bristled toothbrush will wear more to the teeth than the soft-bristled toothbrush. If used frequently, it will damage the tooth enamel, increase demineralization, and also make teeth Easy to turn yellow. The correct approach should be to use hard and soft toothbrushes alternately. Use the hard toothbrush every 3 to 4 days to clean the teeth.

Use safe and effective tooth remineralization agents

Calcium and phosphorus supplement to strengthen teeth and promote the absorption of more calcium. During the treatment of teeth, pay attention to maintaining personal oral hygiene, protect the appliance from damage, and return to the clinic on time. In this way, the correction treatment time will be greatly shortened. At the same time, the effect of orthodontics will be better and more natural.

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