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Looking at Dentistry, Many People Always Like to Walk into These Misunderstandings

In the subconscious minds of many friends, toothache is not a disease, and forbearance will pass. If you can’t stand it, use some remedies, such as cold water, ice compress, biting ginger, etc. But these remedies often not only will not cure our toothache, but also lead to more serious consequences. The most correct way to deal with oral diseases is to go to the hospital in time to eliminate the problem in its infancy. Many people fall into these 12 misunderstandings about going to the dentist.

1. Don’t see the doctor at the appointment time?

Some dental patients do not return to the clinic on time after the acute symptoms of toothache are relieved (the scar is healed and the pain is forgotten), and come back to see the doctor when it hurts again, which often delays the condition.

Suggestion: Teeth are a part of your body, I hope you can treat them like eyes. Be sure to follow the appointment time for your doctor.

2. Come to the dentist when you are sick?

Dental disease is different from other diseases of the whole body in that dental disease can be prevented. A person can avoid other diseases in his life, but he will never suffer from dental disease. The development of dental disease is a slow process (about one to three years). If you don’t pay attention to it yourself, and just pin all your hopes on the dentist, the consequences will be disastrous. The medical conditions in our country are now very good. Many people abroad choose to return to their home countries for treatment, not to mention our dental patients in China.

Recommendation: Check once every six months to a year, wash your teeth regularly, change your toothbrush and toothpaste regularly, and develop the habit of brushing your teeth in the morning and evening.

3. The baby teeth need to be replaced anyway, without treatment?

The quality of children’s deciduous teeth directly affects the development of their jaws, the intake of nutrition for the whole body and the development of permanent teeth in the future.

Suggestion: Parents, in order for your children to have healthy and beautiful teeth, please treat them well.

4. Pull out the toothache?

Some patients usually don’t pay attention to protecting their teeth, and they don’t want to be treated when they have dental disease. They have to be pulled out when they come to the clinic. If the doctor doesn’t pull them out, they make a lot of noise, saying that the doctor is not responsible. They think their teeth are my own. Forget it, the doctor wants to treat him because he wants to charge more money. The doctor can’t tell the pain. In fact, the possible reasons why the doctor does not extract your teeth are: 1. Your teeth should not be extracted. You can keep them through treatment. 2. You can’t pull it out when you have a toothache, because it is easy to get infected and cause you unnecessary pain.

Suggestion: After all, the dentist is an expert in this area. Try to protect your teeth. You must know that once the tooth is removed, you need to implant the tooth, which is a lot of money.

5. It is the doctor’s fault that the filling material falls off?

Whether the filling material falls off depends on many factors, the most important of which is the size of the tooth cavity. Just imagine, if the tooth cavity is treated at a very young age, how can it fall off so easily? A tooth from the beginning It takes 18 months to develop into a large cavity, and 30 months to develop into the pulp. What did you do after such a long time? Once it develops into a large cavity, even a skilled doctor cannot guarantee it. The repaired tooth material does not fall off.

Recommendation: If you have dental problems, get early treatment and go to the dental clinic regularly.

6. Unwilling to receive root canal treatment, always request removal?

With the development of high technology, many teeth, especially single teeth, can be completely preserved after a perfect treatment, and then a crown is attached to it, and they can function normally. However, there is a premise that the root must be intact. X-ray examination by dental film). Many patients indiscriminately ask for root removal as long as the tooth is rooted. This is wrong.

Suggestion: Keeping a good tooth root is equivalent to saving a lot of money.

7. Don’t want to take dental film?

Some patients do not want to take dental film, they think it is a waste of time, in fact, it is not. The purpose of dental film is to understand the condition of tooth root, pulp, periodontal, alveolar bone, etc. It is very helpful for doctor’s judgment and diagnosis , So it is very necessary for some cases (such as trauma, periodontal disease, apical disease, caries, impacted teeth and other treated teeth…), it is also the most commonly used in dentistry One of the diagnostic methods. Some parents lack certain medical knowledge and think that the radiation of the child is not good when taking dental films. In fact, there is no need to worry. A small amount of pictures will have no effect on your child.

Recommendation: Trust the doctor, taking dental film is only good for you, and it is also the most original information you can keep. Please keep it. Look at how much radiation the dental film actually has? You can also produce radiation when you eat a banana!

8. Is it easy to remove the enamel on the surface of the tooth?

Some patients worry that washing teeth will destroy the enamel on the surface of the teeth, so they do not want to wash their teeth regularly. In fact, the imported ultrasonic machine is used to clean the teeth. Its principle is ultrasonic vibration, not grinding. The sandblasting dental scaler adopts the principle of simultaneous action of high-pressure water, air and sand to remove dirt on the surface of the teeth. As long as the operation is correct and the method is appropriate, it will not cause damage to the teeth.

Recommendation: try it, tooth cleaning is the most conventional and effective way to protect teeth

9. Tooth extraction is bad for the brain?

Some patients are very reluctant to extract teeth due to treatment needs (such as orthodontics). They are worried that the teeth will pass through the brain and affect the brain after extraction. In fact, this concern is very unnecessary. The teeth grow in the alveolar bone and are far away from the brain. Tooth extraction has no effect on the brain.

Suggestion: learn more about oral knowledge, many things are not as complicated as thought.

10. Ask the doctor to shorten the treatment time?

The treatment of dental disease takes a certain amount of time. For example, simple filling of small cavities can be completed in one treatment, and deep cavities need to be soothed once before filling. Root canal treatment usually takes three to four times, and it takes about two to three weeks. After root canal treatment, some crown repairs are required, which takes time. Some orthodontics may take one or two years, once a month. Blindly asking doctors to shorten the treatment time is not conducive to treatment.

Recommendation: If you come, you will be safe. For your dental health, please follow the doctor’s treatment arrangement.

11. Teeth without nerves won’t hurt anymore?

Tooth pain is determined by many factors. Many teeth without nerves can also cause severe pain and even swelling of the gums due to the stimulating effect of toxins produced by bacteria on the root tips. This is what we often say Acute apical periodontitis and acute periapical abscess. At this time, the patient has severe pain. If it is not treated in time, the disease will continue to develop and cause extensive damage to the apical bone and form chronic inflammation. The pain symptoms will gradually relieve, but this is temporary Yes, once the toxicity of the bacteria increases and your resistance drops, it will cause acute attacks and severe pain, which will bring great difficulties to treatment.

Suggestion: Don’t think that if you don’t have a dental nerve or your teeth don’t hurt temporarily, it’s all right. Asking a doctor to treat you thoroughly is the most important thing.

12. The most expensive is the best!

Some patients conclude from their daily experience that the most expensive is the best. This principle is also applicable in the treatment of dental diseases. In fact, you are wrong. Whether it is filling materials or dental implant materials and methods, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and cannot be generalized. For example, amalgam fillings are very cheap, and the retention time is longer than that of light-curing resins. The disadvantage is that the color is not good and the teeth are easy to stain; the color of porcelain teeth is beautiful, but it does not have a metal crown and is durable, and the cost is also very expensive.

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