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Teeth Black Spots that are not Cavities

“Doctor! My son’s teeth are black, and I can’t brush him off, are they decayed?”

The change in tooth color is a warning sign that most people can perceive. It is usually true that tooth decay is true, but…it may also be caused by other reasons, such as the topic we are going to talk about today: melanin precipitation.


Three common causes of black teeth

Three common reasons for teeth blackening are tooth decay, pigmentation, and tooth discoloration caused by bruises. None of these three conditions can be easily improved by brushing your teeth. It may be more likely to be improved if you ask a dentist for treatment.

Tooth decay is the most common condition among the three reasons. Compared with tooth decay, pigmentation may be due to external reasons, causing some melanin (or other dark pigments) to get stuck on the teeth, but because there is Things are stuck on the teeth, so the surface of the teeth is basically smooth (the pigment molecules are too small to feel protruding), and there is no feeling of cavities on the surface like tooth decay.

After some tooth bruises, there may be a period of time (usually a few months), and the whole tooth will become gray and dark. This is different from the first two conditions. In this condition, the color of the entire tooth becomes darker, instead of discoloration in a certain part of the teeth like the first two.

Tooth decay can only be cured by treatment, and brushing at best can prevent the decay from getting worse. The discoloration of a tooth bruise may only be a short-term change and automatically recover, but it may also require subsequent treatment to improve.

What about tooth pigmentation? To understand this problem, we have to subdivide the pigmentation into two types.


Pigmentation caused by dark food

“Mom, you can come and take a look. The weird place on his teeth is pigmentation, not tooth decay. It looks more like food, but his color looks like green…”

“Right! He really likes eating dark green vegetables!”

The most common cause of pigmentation is food. If it is an adult, it is often caused by tea or coffee (even smoking and eating betel nuts). For children, although the food is relatively simple, it may be possible as long as it is dark food. Causes pigmentation.

Pigment caused by food is not easy to avoid. If you eat so much food a day, you may not be sure what food makes your teeth black, so unless you really eat very dark food or drink tea and coke very often Drinkers generally have nothing to change.

Pigmentation caused by food usually accumulates on the outer side of the upper and lower front teeth (to the side of the lips), and the back teeth are relatively rare.

How to deal with this situation? It depends on the condition of pigment accumulation. The slightest may be removed by tooth cleaning and polishing, and the more serious may be removed by sandblasting.

Certain bacteria also produce melanin

And some people’s teeth, not only the front teeth and the outer side, may have canine teeth, molars, on the side of the tongue, and many teeth have black pigmentation, and there may be many and very dark! The location is also often where the teeth are near the gingival junction.

This is often related to certain specific bacteria in the mouth, such as actinomycetes, which may secrete some iron-containing secretions on the teeth, and the teeth look black.

Because these pigments are caused by bacteria in the mouth, even if the dentist helps to clear the pigment on the teeth today, the bacteria may still multiply and secrete melanin, and the teeth will still accumulate melanin slowly and slowly.

What can we do?

First of all, pay attention to the part of iron, because the source of bacterial pigment is iron ions, the more iron you eat, the more the bacteria have to make melanin, and the teeth may become blacker.

There is no need to avoid iron-containing foods and not eat them. After all, balanced nutrition is also very important. However, some parents will also give additional nutritional supplements, or even directly give iron. This can be discussed with the pediatrician or dietitian whether it is necessary to supplement iron?

Find a professional and stable mood

In fact, there are still many things that have not been written about the discoloration of teeth. For example, the specific drugs used by the mother during pregnancy, or the specific drugs used by the child when the teeth are formed, and other factors may also cause tooth discoloration.

Many parents also feel that they have already helped their children brush very often, but they find that their children’s teeth are still black, and they feel annoyed that they still have tooth decay.

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