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How to Use and Maintain Dental Handpieces?

Use of dental handpieces

1. Use a clean, dry, oil-free medical air compressor.

2. The air pressure is between 2.3 to 2.8 kgf/cm2.

3. Combine the quick connector with the adapter on the bottom of the dental handpiece and confirm that the card lock is locked.

4. Press down the pedal to check if the dental handpiece is running and the nose spray is working properly. If everything is ok, you can start using your dental handpiece.

After each patient is used, the following maintenance should be done

1. Remove the diamond grinding needle and clean all the dental deposits on the dental handpiece.

2. Use a metal needle to clean the spray holes and fumaroles.

Note: The spray hole is at a 40 degree angle to the diamond grinding needle and the air blast hole is at a 30 degree angle to the diamond grinding needle.

3. Spray the cleaning lubricant into the shaft hole for 1-2 seconds (the diamond grinding needle has been inserted into the hole).

4. There are two kinds of styles (with/without quick connector) on the bottom of the molar handpiece. Please spray the right amount of lubricant at the bottom.

5. Combine the molar handpiece with the quick connector (first make sure the water source switch is off).

6. Install the diamond grinding needle and surround the dental handpiece with white gauze (make sure the diamond grinding needle does not touch the white gauze to avoid knotting).

7. Press the pedal for about 20 seconds to see if any stains are on the white gauze. If there is stain on the white gauze, add the lubricant again, continue to start from the fourth item of daily maintenance, know that the white gauze is not stained.

8. Finally, use high temperature and high pressure sterilization with no more than 135 degrees Celsius.

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