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January 2020

Classification of implants Classification by implant material: Metals-pure titanium (surface treatment: acid treatment + surface hydroxyapatite) Ceramics-alumina, zirconia, high density hydroxyapatite, silicon nitride, etc. Composite planting material-pure titanium (inside) + ceramic (outside) 2.Classification by implant structure: One stage-early implants, small diameter implants Two-stage-implant + abutment

Technical specifications for disinfection and sterilization of oral instruments 1.Scope This standard specifies the management requirements, basic principles, operating procedures, sterilization monitoring, release of sterilized items, and requirements for storage of dental instruments. This standard applies to all types of medical institutions that

Introduction Hot teether filling technology has experienced: hot teether lateral pressure filling technology, hot teether vertical pressure filling, high temperature thermoplastic teether injection filling, continuous wave filling, solid carrier filling, mechanical hot pressing filling, ultrasonic vibration hot teeth The evolution and