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How to Use the Dental Floss?

Our teeth are a very important part. Generally speaking, our teeth are prone to multiply bacteria. Even if we focus on our teeth, we cannot avoid the existence of bacteria. Teeth scaler is a very popular thing recently, it can help us to clean our teeth well. Here we will introduce to you how we can properly use the scaler to clean our teeth.

The water flow is “gentle” and does not hurt the teeth. The food residue stuffed in the teeth gaps is not only uncomfortable and itself contains bacteria, the greater harm is that it provides nutrients to the plaque.

If it is not removed in time, plaque is easily calcified and becomes “calculus” which accumulates at the root of the teeth, compresses and stimulates the periodontal environment, and causes the gums to shrink. Therefore, the use of a toothbrush, toothpick, dental floss to clean the teeth, the purpose is to block the main source of nutrition of plaque.

For exposed interdental spaces, the cleaning effect of the dental flusher is quite good. The dental flusher pressurizes the water through the pump body, which can generate an ultra-fine high-pressure pulsed water column 1200 times per minute. The exquisite nozzle can make this high-pressure pulsed water column flush to any part of the oral cavity, including toothbrushes, dental floss 4, toothpick is not easy to reach the depth of the teeth and gums.

Rinse for 1 to 3 minutes after meals to rinse away food debris and debris from the teeth. The impact of the high-pressure pulsed water flow of the punch is a flexible stimulus. This water flow will not only hurt the mouth or any part of the face, but also massage the gums and feel very comfortable.

To make the tooth flusher fully play its role in protecting teeth, it is best to use it to flush the teeth after each meal to develop another “mouthwash” habit. Generally, water is used for the teether, and mouthwash or analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs can also be added to enhance some effects in a targeted manner.

Middle-aged and older people are more suitable for the applicable population. From the working principle of the teether and the age change of the teeth, middle-aged and elderly people should be more suitable for the teether. Generally speaking, young people’s teeth are arranged tightly and the gap between teeth is small. The effect of flossing to remove debris in the interdental space is better.

Middle-aged and elderly people have larger interdental spaces, and it is easier to remove food residues in the interdental spaces with a red teether. Compared with toothpicks, the biggest advantage of the toothbrush is that it will not hurt the tooth surface or periodontal no matter how it is used.

Complement each other with toothpicks and dental floss Although toothbrushes have some advantages, it is best to supplement them with toothpicks and dental floss, because they each have their own advantages.

For example, things such as leek leaves and shredded pork are stuffed into the gap between the teeth, and it is difficult to flush them out. Red teeth can only be regarded as an auxiliary device for oral health. In daily dental care, removing plaque and tartar is the most important, and in order to achieve this, you must brush your teeth frequently. In serious cases, you should go to the dentist to clean your teeth regularly.

Some middle-aged and elderly people may not be clear about the use of dental scalers. We had better be able to patiently teach them how to use the dental scalers correctly. In this case, we use this tool to help us clean ourselves.

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