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How to Preserve a Dental Handpiece?

Personal protection: follow the standard precautions, additional protective mask

Pre-cleaning by the chair: After the treatment, step on the foot brake to flush the lumen for 30s, use the dressing or 75% alcohol cotton ball to wipe away the visible dirt on the surface of the handpiece, and put it into a special recycling box for temporary storage.

Recycling: placed separately according to different dentists, sealed and transported to the disinfection room.

Cleaning and rinsing:

1 Manual cleaning: use enzyme-containing detergent or other special cleaning agent to clean the surface of the handpiece and rinse the inner cavity under the liquid surface. Rinse under the flowing water + pure water to rinse the surface and inner cavity of the handpiece.

2 automatic cleaning machine cleaning: check the performance of the machine, cleaning enzymes, brightener is whether sufficient, the handpiece is safely installed in a dedicated cleaning rack, automatically complete the cleaning, rinsing, disinfection process.


1 Manual cleaning: Drying the inner cavity and surface of the handpiece with a special high-pressure air gun

2 automatic cleaning machine cleaning: automatic drying

Maintenance: check the cleanliness of the handpiece, select the handpiece with oil filling machine with air pump to complete the oil filling maintenance program or manually wipe off the excess maintenance oil

Packing: Packed in paper-plastic bags, sealed or packaged in accordance with the specifications, marked with disinfection date and expiration date

Monitoring: preferred pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilization, or bare sterilization using a cassete sterilizer

Check wheter the sterilization monitoring indicators are qualified and issued
(2) Notes:

  1. When the handpiece is recycled, the used handpiece is exchanged with the handpiece after sterilization, which is convenient for the management of the handpiece.
  2. During the operation of collecting handpieces, pay attention to care, and avoid collision and falling to the ground.
  3. Pay attention to moisturizing and confined transport when recycling your handpiece.
  4. When cleaning the fully automatic washing machine, pay attention to the cleaning with a non-foaming multi-enzyme cleaning solution.
  5. The fuel injection machine with air pump is preferred for oil injection, especially for hand-washed handpieces. Due to the oil filling machine with air pump, the air pressure is relatively large, and the oil filling is carried out by blowing the clearing oil filling bucket to clear three procedures, the oil filling is uniform and the excess oil can be automatically discarded.
  6. Pay attention to standard prevention during the operation process, especially in the oil filling and packaging process, to avoid secondary pollution after cleaning, disinfecting and drying.
  7. The handpieces can not be stacked when sterilized, should be in an upright position when packaging, and should be avoid overloaded and “small amount effect” between the package and the package.
  8. Handpieces sterilized by naked sterilization are stored in sterile containers for use after sterilization. Once opened, the effective time is no more than 4 hours.
  9. The sterilization temperature does not exceed 136 ° C and the time does not exceed 4 minutes.
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