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The Harm of Picking Teeth to Sleep

A 45 year old man felt sick to his stomach in the past 2 months. He thought it was a gastric ulcer. He went to the hospital for examination. It was found that the culprit was a toothpick about 6 cm long, 3/4 of which was in length.

The man said he had completely forgotten when to swallow the toothpick, or when to fall asleep and take it out. “Patients usually have the habit of using toothpicks, especially before going to bed. They may unconsciously swallow toothpicks when they fall asleep,” the dentist said

The toothpick went through the gastric wall and was pulled out completely. The doctor said that such cases were rare. Fortunately, it didn’t pierce the gastric wall, or peritonitis would not be cured. Here, bud reminds people that it’s better not to pick their teeth before chatting or sleeping, or they will easily swallow toothpicks into their stomach, causing gastrointestinal injury.

Is it very scary! Pick your teeth and pick them in your stomach. In fact, many people must pick their teeth after each meal. Some people carry braces in their mouths as long as they don’t pick their teeth. When talking, the other party can immediately know what you ate in the last meal

In fact, there are some tips for picking teeth:

Step 1: to select the right toothpick, pay attention to the hardness and toughness, smooth surface and gradual thinning from the middle to both ends.

Step 2: get ready to rinse! When gargling, be sure to close your mouth, use a certain force to stir the cheek, make the gargle liquid flow back and forth from the teeth, and wash out the food residue and dirt.

Step 3: slowly slide the toothpick along the tooth surface until the gum space reaches the bottom, and then gently push out the food residue from the lingual side (the action must be gentle to avoid damaging the periodontal tissue)

Step 4: if the food residue embedded in the teeth can’t be rinsed out or removed, you can use inter dental brush or floss. If you don’t have these tools, you can use handkerchief or towel to press the place where the food is blocked and gently pull it out.


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