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Why can’t You Pull out Your Teeth in the Afternoon?

Isn’t it just to pull out a tooth? How can we pay so much attention to it?

It’s also said that it’s too difficult to pull out the tooth. If you don’t pull it out, you have to pull it out the next morning. At first sight, it’s just that you don’t have good medical skills. You have to find a reason to pull it out. Is it necessary to pay attention to the timing, geographical advantages, and harmony of people?

If you meet such a doctor, you should feel lucky!

Such a doctor is really thinking about patients. Why do you say that?

In fact, tooth extraction is also an operation. It is not uncommon for people to die accidentally after tooth extraction for various reasons. Therefore, the process of tooth extraction is “small”, but some details before and after tooth extraction are “big”. It is not always necessary to pull out when you want to, but also need to pay attention to “time, geography and harmony”.

1) It is not recommended to pull out teeth in the afternoon, because the doctors and patients are not good at energy and physical strength in the afternoon.

2) Many dental clinics do not set up night clinic. If the teeth are extracted in the morning, there is enough time for observation. In case of postoperative bleeding, you can go to the clinic in time. If the tooth is extracted in the afternoon, in case of postoperative bleeding, it is likely that the doctor will be off duty and unable to deal with it in time.

3) There is a preliminary coagulation process in the wound after tooth extraction. If the tooth is pulled out in the afternoon or at night and goes home to sleep, the local blood pressure will rise due to the change of body position, which is easy to cause wound bleeding. Therefore, the doctor generally suggests not to lie down and walk more after tooth extraction, which is also the reason.

Extraction process of wisdom teeth

Of course, it’s not a hard rule not to extract teeth in the afternoon, but generally experienced doctors would suggest that you extract teeth in the morning. If you don’t have time in the morning, you must extract teeth according to the situation of teeth.

(1) There is no time limit for simple extraction, such as “loose primary teeth” and “superficial rotten roots”.

(2) If the tooth has been repeatedly inflamed before, it is recommended to pull it out in the afternoon, because pulling such a tooth, the anesthetic absorption is not good, and it may hurt. People are less sensitive to pain in the afternoon.

Precautions before tooth extraction

1) Try not to have an empty stomach before tooth extraction to avoid hypoglycemia due to tension.

2) “Do not rinse and brush your teeth” within one day after extraction, and try to eat on the non extraction side as much as possible.

3) Generally, bleeding can be stopped two hours after tooth extraction, and the cavity can be healed in about 24 hours. It’s normal to have bloodshot in the mouth soon after tooth extraction. If there’s a lot of bleeding, you should go to the doctor in time.

4) If “diabetes” patients pull out teeth in the morning, the best time is 1-2 hours after breakfast.

5) Women in “menstruation, pregnancy, lactation” had better not extract teeth.

Although the teeth are small, tooth extraction can cause local tissue damage, bleeding, swelling, pain and other reactions, and may also lead to fluctuations in blood pressure, temperature, and pulse. Therefore, we should be careful when tooth extraction to maintain your oral health.

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