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The Importance of Oral Examinations: Toothache Caused by Periodontal Ligaments

When a 34-year-old man woke up, he suddenly felt that his teeth were a little uncomfortable. His right incisors were sore. He felt more pain when he pressed lightly. After a few days, his symptoms worsened all the time. I got into the pulp nerve, and I wanted to simply pump the nerves and pull out the incisors for a hundred times. After careful examination, I found that it may be due to high pressure and unconsciously “gritted teeth” during sleep, which caused periodontal ligament injury.

The man reported that whether he drank ice water or hot water, his front teeth had never felt abnormal, but within a few days, he felt sore that he couldn’t sleep. At first, he went to the clinic near his home and could not detect tooth decay or trauma. I was also told that further root canal treatment may be needed to make braces, which made me very depressed.

The man had planned the worst to have dentures after root canal treatment, but after referral for further examination, it should be determined that the periodontal ligament was inflamed and acting strangely. After taking anti-inflammatory drugs for 3 days, it improved and the pain disappeared after a week. Hold an incisor.

The periodontal ligament is located between the root of the tooth and the bone. It is composed of tissue fibers. It is elastic and can cushion the impact force of the teeth during occlusion. The impact force is evenly distributed to protect the teeth and bones. He pointed out that men may be under stress Large, unconsciously gnashing their teeth while sleeping, or habitually gnashing their teeth to stretch their waists, or having been exposed to a strong external force that caused periodontal ligament injury, like a sports sprain.

The periodontal ligament is inflamed, and the teeth will feel floating. It can be slightly shaken with the touch of a finger, because the cause of toothache is complicated, and the periodontal ligament cannot be observed through appearance, which is easy to be misdiagnosed. Just rest your teeth and don’t eat hard food to recover gradually.

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