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What is the Correct Use Method and Precautions of Dental Floss (Water Dental Floss)?

Step by step reading

Teeth are the hardest things in the human body, but if you don’t pay attention to oral hygiene, your teeth will be corroded by tapeworms. Many people had tooth decay because they ate too many sweets as a child, which made us regretted why we were so greedy in childhood. Although the oral cavity problem is very serious, don’t worry too much now, because the red teeth and electric toothbrushes have already entered our lives. The invention of these two products can be said to have greatly helped our oral care. Do you know how to use the dental floss (water floss) and what precautions? Let’s understand together.

Tools / raw materials

Red teeth / scalder

Water floss

  1. Can a dental flusher (water floss) replace a toothbrush?

The answer is no. The dental flusher (water floss) is an auxiliary tool for cleaning the oral cavity. Its function is similar to that of toothpick floss. It is mainly used to clean food residues between the teeth, under the gums, and caries (worm teeth). It can rub the plaque bacteria on the tooth surface and keep the breath fresh. The functions of the two are complementary. When used together, they will have a better effect on cleaning oral hygiene. Therefore, the dental flusher (water floss) cannot replace the toothbrush.

  1. What water should be filled in the water tank of the dental floss (water floss)?

The dental flusher (water dental floss) is used to flush the teeth by the impact of water pressure, usually with water. Of course, if you want to enhance the effect, you can also install mouthwash or analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs. What kind of water is in the dental flusher (water floss) depends on your needs. It is recommended to use clean water for normal cleaning.

  1. What is the correct way to use the dental floss (water floss)?

Although there are already many brands and products of dental floss (water dental floss) on the market, the steps used are similar.

  1. Add water to the water tank of the tooth flusher and install the water tank tightly on the fuselage;
  2. Insert the nozzle into the handle of the teether and fix it;
  3. Connect the plug and power on;
  4. Turn on the main body switch and adjust the cleaning mode you need;
  5. Put the nozzle into the mouth, aim at the area to be flushed, turn on the handle switch to flush;
  6. Turn off the equipment and remove the remaining water from the water tank;
  7. Wipe the teether dry and place in a cool place.
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