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How to Choose a Good Dental Chair?

The dental chair is one of the most basic equipments that are indispensable for dental clinics. It is also directly related to the treatment activities. The quality and performance of the dental chair directly affect the business development and professional image of the outpatient service. Therefore, the choice of the dental chair is very important.

  1. First of all, the hygiene of the dental chair.

There is no sanitary corner in itself, and a sanitary corner is a part that is difficult to clean or cannot be cleaned. Some of the lamp arms have rubber sleeves that are used to cover the joints and keep them beautiful. These rubber sleeves are also strictly sanitary corners and will retain bacteria. The chair material requirements can be disinfected with a disinfectant (such as alcohol), if not, it does not meet the hygiene requirements. Strong and weak suction requirements can be equipped with disposable straws. If the straws are used repeatedly, it is required to withstand 135 degrees of high temperature sterilization. Of course, the multi-function foot switch and the non-inductive lamp are all designed to meet the needs of hygiene.

  1. after-sales service of dental chairs, especially dental chair maintenance.

Many dentists have found that some companies sell their products very rarely after-sales service or do not perform services. After the machine has a problem, it cannot be repaired immediately, causing many unnecessary losses. The dental chair should be relatively perfect in terms of after-sales service, and have a warranty commitment, so that we can really save our mind, save time and save money.

  1. dental chair installation is very important.

If the installation and debugging are not in place, problems will occur, which will be understood by experienced engineers. Therefore, when buying a dental chair, you must find a company with strong strength.It is required to provide you with a complete installation drawing, product size, technical parameters, etc., and actively cooperate with it.


  1. dental chair operation training is very important.

Many faults are caused by improper installation or debugging, or improper use by dentists. Therefore, dental equipment companies are very critical to the training of dentists. Some engineers do not train dentists and go to work. The dentists found that this situation should stop him from asking for training. The training includes the following:

  • Use and maintenance of the handpiece.
  • Control of the chair.
  • Elimination of common faults (replace fuses, bulbs, pipes, etc.).
  • Daily maintenance of the dental chair itself.
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