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What to Do If the Aperture of Teeth is Too Big?

Tooth is the important organ that we chew food, we can often see as a result of one’s bad habit leads to oneself’s tooth aperture is bigger and bigger, it is to affect aesthetic appearance very much, so if tooth aperture is big, what should we do? Let’s see.

  1. The first thing to understand is why the gap between the teeth is so big. Generally the following three reasons caused the teeth gap big :

(1) usually bad habits, such as after dinner like to use a toothpick to pick teeth

(2) Gingival recession

(3) Teeth are born poorly developed

  1. To use toothpick pick teeth as less as possible, instead of rinsing with water to ensure the health of our teeth
  2. If the gingival are receding, the symptoms can be improved by scaling and topical medication.
  3. Born with bad teeth can be used orthodontic methods to solve. Encounter this kind of circumstance, you should go to a hospital to make an examination first, pass medicaments and correctional method to solve.
  4. Orthodontic include self-locking bracket orthodontic, also known as crowns. This method takes about half a year, saving time and effort for most people.
  5. Tooth veneer. This is a foreign introduced method, which is specially used to correct the large gap in the teeth.
  6. Pay attention to the way of brushing your teeth at daily life. Don’t use a toothbrush with thick or hard bristles.


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