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How is the Porcelain Tooth Installed?

Serious dental caries not only affect the chewing function and appearance, but also may cause repeated inflammation, unbearable pain, which should be treated and remedied as soon as possible, porcelain teeth is one of the options. The installation of porcelain teeth can only be carried out in the professional stomatology department of the medical institution. And generally it’s a relatively time-consuming thing to do.

Tools/Materials: Custom-made porcelain teeth


The dentist will first decide on a treatment, and how many pieces of porcelain to make, based on your dental caries. If the tooth decay is not very serious, the tooth nerve is not damaged, just need to grind the tooth, grinding into a pile; If the tooth is badly decayed and there is only one stump left, the dentist will treat the tooth for a few weeks and then fill it. Some teeth are left too short and have to be attached to a pile (a fibrous file or metal file) at the root (hollow after nerve necrosis).

2.The dentist will take a plaster mold for the adjusted tooth pile and make a temporary crown according to the model, which usually takes about 3 or 4 days

  1. Your dentist will place the temporary crown on your tooth, and then ask you to put a piece of black paper on your tooth, judge the fit, and adjust the temporary crown until the fit is better
  2. Your dentist will send your dental model and temporary crown to a porcelain factory to be made (the crown color is determined according to the color of your teeth). It will take a long time, especially if the hospital is far away from the factory.
  3. When the porcelain crown is ready, stick it to the outside of the tooth pile with adhesive and adjust it appropriately.

Matters needing attention

  • pay attention to maintenance, do not bite too hard things, broken porcelain will be done again.
  • brush your gums when brushing, to prevent gingival atrophy, especially dead teeth (dead dental nerves)
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