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What are the Precautions for Orthodontics?

The teeth are not beautiful and will cause serious troubles in daily life. If we want to change the unsatisfactory teeth, we need to do orthodontics. It is understood that there are some terrible “black holes” among the people who choose to correct, which is very detrimental to scientific dental correction. So, what are the misunderstandings of orthodontics?

1、Quick correction in seven days

It is the common idea of ​​patients to love beauty and seek quickness. The so-called rapid correction of cosmetic crowns, known as the emerging dental technology, is essentially to make porcelain crowns after grinding the teeth, which damages the health of teeth for aesthetic reasons. In fact, there is a limit to the amount of tooth movement, generally 1 mm per month, too fast movement will cause the teeth to loosen. Therefore, the correction must pay the price of time, there is no shortcut to go, it is the so-called haste but not achieved.

2, Taobao orthodontics is effective

Since the invisible braces have become more and more known to everyone, a copy of the invisible braces has also appeared on the omnipotent Taobao. In fact, many of them are professional sports mouthguards, but many friends still believe and buy them. For children’s shoes who want orthodontics, orthodontics is a very complicated treatment process, and a professional doctor needs to diagnose according to your personal situation and formulate a reasonable correction plan. So please stay away from Taobao correction and never make jokes about your teeth.

3. Correction is only for beauty

Many young people have corrections to improve the beauty of their teeth and even their appearance, but the effect of correction is not limited to this. Most adults seek correction for health and function. Neat teeth are easier to be cleaned, which is conducive to the health of teeth and periodontal tissue; after correction, an ideal occlusal relationship can be obtained, which can improve chewing function. As the saying goes, good teeth are good for appetite.

4. Comparison of correction cycle with others

Many patients like to compare treatment plans, pain perception, tooth movement speed, treatment course and even cost with others. Everyone is a different individual, and the correction plan is a personalized treatment for different specific situations. The individualized difference in response to treatment also reflects the disciplinary requirements of stomatology with strong practicality. As the saying goes, practice is the only criterion for testing truth.

5. Orthodontics can cause tooth loss

Many people think that tooth loss is a normal physiological phenomenon at an old age, but it is not. Healthy teeth should be with people for life. At present, periodontitis in my country has become the primary cause of tooth loss in adults. Tooth loss is mainly caused by periodontitis causing tooth loosening and loss. The key pathogenic factor of periodontitis is oral plaque microorganisms, which is not related to correction.

Have you ever stepped into these “black holes”? Through this explanation, I believe that the children’s shoes have a new understanding of orthodontics. Remind everyone, do not go to the doctor blindly, and you must choose a professional and regular dental hospital for consultation.

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