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Teeth Whitening Tips

  1. improve oral hygiene

The most important thing is to improve personal oral hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, use dental floss or interdental brushing and other adjacent cleaning measures every day, and remember to rinse your mouth after eating sweet and sticky things.

  1. washing teeth

We just need to wash our teeth. It is generally recommended to go to a professional dental clinic to wash your teeth 1-2 times a year. Friendly reminder, the main purpose of tooth cleaning is not simply to look good. Tooth cleaning can also prevent oral diseases, such as reducing gingivitis and periodontitis inflammation.

Three methods: teeth whitening and treatment

  1. tooth cleaning can’t “whiten” the teeth, such as tooth discoloration caused by dental fluorosis, tetracycline or dead pulp. The color of fluorosis and tetracycline teeth is due to changes in the texture of the teeth, so they are not white after being “washed”. Nowadays, professional tooth whitening can remove the pigment deposited in the teeth to a certain extent, but the effect is limited and there are certain side effects.

There is also a simple and rude method, which is to directly grind off the surface of the teeth and make porcelain teeth. Choose the color and shape of the teeth you like, but this is the beauty at the expense of dental health. If you do, you need to consult a professional dentist. In addition, for the discoloration of dead pulp teeth, treatment should be carried out first, and the necrotic nerves should be removed to stop further discoloration of the teeth. The rest are the same as the treatment of dental fluorosis and tetracycline.

In fact, teeth are very similar to love. Hasn’t someone said it long ago: In addition to love, there is tooth. Teeth are really like love. If you want the most affectionate company, you need your most sincere care. Only in this way, the teeth will never leave.

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