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Dental Handpiece Maintaince

The key to the maintenance of dental handpieces is lubrication. Lubrication work can reduce the wear of the handpiece bearings and movements, prevent the corrosion of the clamping part, and the dental handpiece that is not used for a long time needs to be injected into the special lubricating oil, the ununsed handpiece are sealed and stored. An important step before injecting the lubricant is cleaning. After the dental handpiece is used, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. If the blood, saliva and debris entering the handpiece are not cleaned before sterilization, it will react with the lubricating oil during the high temperature sterilization process and become hard. It can be determined whether it is cleaned enough by the following methods: (1) Align the cleaning lubricant nozzle with the high-speed handpiece drive air inlet and continue to spray until no black oil is applied. (2) Spray cleaning lubricant on the intake pipe at the rear of the engine until black oil is not applied. (3) Install the E-type nozzle on the cleaning lubricant tank and directly insert it into the tail of the straight handpiece or the bending machine until the front end of the machine is clean.

After the cleaning and oiling is completed, the engine is connected to the handpiece skin line, and the front end is turned down for 1~2 minutes until the lubricating oil no longer emerges from the front end. The straight or contra angle handpieces should be placed vertically for a period of time until the oil no longer flows out of the interior.

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