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The Process of Dental Implants

Many people lose their teeth at a young age due to poor dental protection, which not only affects their daily diet, but also has a bad appearance. Therefore, many people choose the popular dental implant. The following is a few pictures to introduce the process of dental implant.
Tools/Materials: Dental implant teeth
1. Preparation for dental implant surgery
(1) conduct oral examination, including oral CT and intraoral pictures, and make a comprehensive evaluation of various indicators such as oral inflammation
(2) make oral cavity model and make operation plan
Now let’s start with the procedure:
2.Cut through the gums to expose the bone window. Nowadays, minimally invasive technique is generally adopted, so there is no need to worry about the opening

Alveolar bone drilling, is to drill a hole in the alveolar bone, convenient to put artificial implants

4. This is the root of our tooth, and we can feel the feeling of our own teeth. Advanced bionic technology can make the implant perfectly integrate with the human body

5. The healing cap is installed to allow enough time (usually about three months) for the tooth tissue and implant to bond, stabilize the tooth base, and prepare for the next operation

6. Remove the healing cap, install the repair abutment, and install the denture

7. Regular examination, specific times according to the doctor’s analysis of the patient, follow the doctor’s advice

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