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A Row Of Teeth Shows “Long And Short Feet”

Nowadays, rapid dental implants have become the first choice for many missing teeth, but there are also many patients with rapid dental implants who have suffered serious failures of gingival atrophy and loosening of the implants. Implants have become long and short feet, and suffer from gingival pain. Rapid dental implantation is highly dependent on the professional skills and experience of doctors, but the technical skills of practicing stomatologists are uneven, and many patients have such sequelae.

According to a clinical research survey, nearly 20% of patients with rapid dental implants have severe gum atrophy and loosening of implants after surgery.

Serious mistakes, even because the roots of some of the teeth are exposed, a row of teeth are “long and short feet”, which is scary like a vampire. Failure of dental implants leads to atrophy of the gums, which will make the teeth look different in length, the gap between the teeth becomes larger, and the ratio between the gums and the teeth is not coordinated, which not only affects the aesthetics, if the problem of gum atrophy continues to increase, it will also cause a “full mouth tooth collapse” Terrible consequences.

Every time I look in the mirror, I feel like I am about to become a vampire!

Ms. Li worked as a planning director in a high-end office building in Xinjiekou, Nanjing. Recently, due to the loosening of the braces that had been used for root canal treatment many years ago, the doctor recommended that she do fast implants. After accepting a fast implant, Miss Li’s gums were severely atrophied, her teeth were exposed, and her teeth became long and short. “Every time I look in the mirror, I feel that I will soon become a vampire!” Miss Li returned to the clinic to find a doctor, but the other party Dodge: “Anyway, you can’t see your gums even if you laugh. It’s okay!” Miss Li was very angry.

Implant surgery is very important to choose a professional doctor

Dental implants have high requirements on doctors’ technology, materials and equipment. Before surgery, it must also undergo rigorous preoperative examination and surgical design. If these links are not well grasped, it may lead to dental implant failure. The teeth implanted can not be chewed, eat and stop teeth, and have a short service life. The secondary repair after dental implant failure is even more harmful to the body and money. Therefore, dental implants It is better to choose a regular dental hospital and a professional dental implant doctor to increase the success rate of dental implants and avoid injury caused by secondary dental implants.

Dental implant failure has many hazards, mainly manifested in the following points:

  1. Infection: Infection is often caused by the contamination of the surgical area or surgical instruments and other complications. The source of infection is nothing more than two cases: improper doctor operation, unskilled technology and backward medical facilities in the hospital. This is one of the hazards of dental implants.
  2. Wound split: Suture is too tight or too loose, especially in the case of infection, it is more likely to cause local wound split, debridement should be done in time, suture again, to avoid implant exposure, it is obviously related to the experience of the doctor.
  3. Gingival hyperplasia: due to too little gingival penetration of the abutment, or poor connection between the abutment and the bridge, resulting in poor local hygiene, long-term chronic inflammatory stimulation can cause gingival hyperplasia.
  4. Numbness of lower lip: mostly due to injury to the chin nerve during detachment during operation or direct trauma during implant implantation, which is also the danger of dental implants. The former is more recoverable, and the latter should remove the implant and avoid nerve repositioning. Advanced technology and experienced doctors can generally avoid this kind of thing.

Although dental implant is a minor operation, it is directly related to the effect of the patient’s three meals a day. Therefore, patients with missing teeth must choose a regular dental hospital and a stable quality, regular implant, especially mature and experienced implants. Implant experts to ensure the safety of implant surgery and longevity of dental implants.


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