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How Much is a Dental Implant? What is the Reasonable Price?

When the general public has a problem of missing teeth and wants to implant, the two most frequently consulted questions are “Doctor! How much do you have for each implant?” and the second one is “Will implants hurt?” “”, I will use this article today to illustrate the first question that everyone cares most about-how much does a dental implant cost?

When a tooth loss occurs, no matter what the cause is, it is recommended that you should perform dental reconstruction treatment as soon as possible, because once the tooth is missing, it is easy to cause multiple physical health problems.

No matter what kind of denture or dental implant is generally a self-funded item, there is no payment for medical insurance. The amount set by each dentistry is different, and the price difference may be as high as several times! The cost is too cheap and I worry about using black heart materials. The price is too high and I am afraid that it will drive up the price and charge huge profits. How much is the cost of dental implants?

In terms of artificial dental implants, due to the invasive and high-tech treatment, the factors that affect the operation are extensive, so the cost calculation is also more complicated than other self-financed items. Mainly due to the difference in dental conditions, oral conditions, and general health conditions of each person, the cost of dental implants will also vary.

To put it simply, the charges for implants can be easily disassembled into two parts. The first part is the root surgery of the implant (that is, the cost of foundation), and the second part is the denture (that is, the part that builds the house above, don’t forget Yes, you need to make dentures on the implants to bite things!)

Dental implant cost formula: implant root surgery + implant denture = total implant cost

Among them, the dental implant root surgery is divided into two parts: the technical cost of the dental implant surgery and the cost of materials.

Implant dentures are divided into 2 parts: the technical cost and material cost of the implant dentures.

Therefore, the complete formula for the implant charge is as follows:

Surgical technical cost of dental implant + material cost of dental implant surgery (implant, bone meal, regenerated membrane, etc.) + technical cost of denture + material cost of denture = cost of a fixed implant

The complete formula is explained as follows:

Surgical technical cost of dental implants: Artificial tooth root implantation will be divided according to the degree of difficulty of the operation. The dental implant technical cost of the doctor ranges from a few thousand yuan to a few thousand yuan per root, which of course depends on the doctor’s technology, reputation, and year Resources, experience, etc.

Material cost of dental implant surgery: cost part includes implant, bone meal, regenerated membrane, bone nail, disinfection consumables, dental implant bit, physiological saline, etc.

The cost of artificial tooth roots will vary according to the implant brand chosen; in addition, when the alveolar bone is atrophied and the bones are not in good condition, additional bone regeneration materials (bone powder) are needed to help bone reconstruction, because everyone’s bone quality Different conditions require different amounts of bone powder, so there are differences in costs. The materials used for bone meal are different, and there are differences in price. This part is where the price difference is large, because everyone’s bone quality is different, from no bone repair to tens of thousands of bone repair.

So when you call or consult online, you will ask, “How much is a dental implant?”, and usually only get the official answer “You have to quote according to your personal situation, and you cannot quote on the phone.” This is the reason, not the dental clinic. Do not tell you mystery, it is impossible to estimate the price.

Or, you will get another answer: “We only have 3800 dental implants, it is economical, come and do it!”, then you have to be careful! Please ask this clinic further, “Does this offer include bone meal and dentures?”, or ask “How do you know if my bones are good if you don’t see me?” “How much do you have to charge me for bone meal?” …

Of course, you don’t have to embarrass this consulting doctor. The price is different afterwards. She doesn’t mean to deceive you. In fact, before the doctor sees what is in your mouth, really, really, really (important thing Say 3 times), unable to assess your bone quality is impossible to quote.

Technical costs of dentures: Implants and dentures will differ according to the complexity of the design and production. The technical fees for dental implants range from 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan.

The material cost of dentures: this will vary with the choice of different denture materials. The prices of alloys, all-ceramics, etc. are different, a few hundred lower, and five or six thousand expensive.

Therefore, according to the above formula and description, the total price of a dental implant ranges from four to five thousand to tens of thousands.

Dental implants are basically a penny, but if the price is too cheap, it is actually not a good phenomenon. This is not a vegetable market to buy radishes and give them onions. The wool came out of the sheep. After chopping east and west, the surface took the advantage, but was the original sheep bought?

It is recommended that those who are missing teeth find a doctor with good reputation, good credit and trustworthiness, which is more important than comparing prices everywhere. After all, a good tooth is related to a person’s quality of life and health in the next few years.

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