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Ten Popular Dentist Knowledge Tips

Many people in life suffer from dental problems, do not know much about oral knowledge, and have many misunderstandings about dentists. I hope that everyone can find the best solution to oral problems through this article. If not, do a good job of prevention.

  1. See a doctor when dental problems can’t be tolerated

Dental disease is different from other diseases in the whole body. Dental disease can be prevented. People can not have other diseases throughout their lives, but few people will have dental disease. And the development of dental disease is a slow process. If you do n’t pay attention to prevention, I’m afraid I will have to live up to it.

In addition, many friends don’t take dental problems seriously. They often wait to see a dentist until the toothache turns around. In clinical practice, we have seen many people who have a big hole in their teeth before thinking of seeing a doctor. By that time, it will be difficult for doctors to save.


Check your mouth every six months to one year, wash your teeth regularly, replace your toothbrush and toothpaste regularly, and develop a good habit of brushing and flossing your teeth sooner or later.

02.Do not follow the doctor’s order

Some people do not return to the clinic on time after the acute symptoms of toothache are alleviated (the scars are forgotten), and they return to the clinic when they are in pain, often delaying their illness.

Some doctors have arranged appointments that are not on time. They are anxious when they come. They also cause a lot of inconvenience to the doctor’s work.


Be sure to follow the doctor’s appointment for you. If there is something, try to call the doctor in advance to see if you can choose another time. This will both respect others and facilitate yourself.

03.The child’s baby teeth need to be changed anyway, without treatment

Many parents have a misunderstanding that their children’s deciduous teeth will change sooner or later, and they can be ignored if they are broken. In fact, the quality of the baby’s deciduous teeth directly affects the development of permanent teeth, the development of the jaws, and the intake of nutrients and digestion and absorption of the whole body. So parents must not be careless.

▲ Schematic diagram of deciduous and permanent teeth movement during tooth replacement


Most children are susceptible to tooth decay. Parents should pay more attention. After drinking milk and eating, they should rinse their mouths frequently and brush their teeth scientifically sooner or later. After having tooth decay, be sure to take your child to the dentist in time.

04.Toothache, just pull it out

Some people have dental problems and don’t treat them in time. When they get serious, they come to the clinic directly to ask for a tooth extraction. The doctors make a lot of noise if they don’t pull them out. They think that their own teeth are the last word. The doctor wants to pay him more for treatment.

The main reasons doctors don’t extract your teeth are:

■ Your teeth should not be pulled out, they can be retained through treatment.

■ Inflammable toothache can not be pulled out, easy to infect and cause you unnecessary pain.


Please listen to the dentist, after all, the dentist is an expert in this regard. You should know that once the permanent tooth is removed, it is not reproducible and requires dental restorations. It costs more to say that the restored teeth are not as good as their real ones.

05.Unwilling to take dental films

Some people are reluctant to take dental scans, thinking that it is sufficient for the doctor to look at the teeth.

You must know that the doctor’s eyes are not see-through mirrors. The teeth are like big trees. The roots of the teeth are buried in the soil. The roots of our teeth are also buried in the alveolar bone. The state of the roots and the nerves inside are invisible.

Only through dental tablets can dentists know exactly the extent of caries, whether toothache is caused by pulpitis or apical inflammation, or periodontitis, the amount of bone required for dental implants, and so on.

Dental implants

Dental tablets provide an accurate basis for doctor-patient communication.

Some parents also think that their children will be exposed to radiation, which is bad for the body. In fact, you don’t need to worry about it. Dental X-rays have a very low radiation to the body, and regular dentistry will be equipped with radiation protective clothing, which will have little effect.


Believe the doctor, taking a dental film can only be good for you. It can also keep the most original information for you. It can also allow the doctor to accurately judge your condition and better treat you.


Washing teeth can damage dental health

Some people worry that washing your teeth will cause your teeth to loosen, damage your enamel, and so on, so you do n’t want to wash your teeth regularly.

In fact, the tool used for cleaning teeth is an imported ultrasonic machine. It uses smooth and non-invasive high-frequency vibration to make the calculus loose and not to be removed.


Washing your teeth will not harm your teeth in any way. It is more appropriate for most people to wash their teeth once every six months to one year.

Regular tooth washing is not only good for oral health, but also for the prevention and treatment of systemic diseases.

07.Ask your doctor to treat faster

The treatment of any disease takes time, and dental disease is no exception.

For example: simple filling of small caries can be completed in one treatment; root canal treatment usually requires two to three times. After root canal treatment, some crown repairs are needed, which takes time. Orthodontics may take a year or two, and regular follow-up visits are required.

Blindly asking doctors to shorten the treatment time is not only unrealistic, but also not conducive to the treatment effect.

▲ Steps of root canal treatment


It ’s safe to go! Listen to your doctor for your dental health.

08.Once the trench is closed, you can ignore it.

Some parents thought it would be all right to seal the pits and pits of their children. Since then, they no longer care about their children’s teeth, and once they have dental caries, they blame the doctor for their bad skills.

▲ Closed

In fact, the pit and fissure seal is only a way to prevent dental caries. Parents still have to supervise the child’s oral hygiene and review the pit and fissure seal. Usually, if the sulcus sealant is found to fall off, it needs to be resealed .


Even if doctors take precautions for their children’s teeth, parents and children still need to take care and cleanliness.

09.Anesthetics affect intelligence

Some people will ask: Is it not good for the brain? Especially when parents take their children to see a doctor, they are afraid that the anesthetic will break the child’s brain and affect their intelligence.

In fact, after the anesthetic is metabolized in the body, it takes about 2 hours. The amount of anaesthetic and tooth extraction is very small, and a small amount of application during the normal treatment process has no effect.

For example, anaesthesia is required to give birth to a lot of diarrhea. If this narcotic will affect the child’s intellectual development, do you dare to use it?


Anesthetic is not as scary as you think, and the amount of anesthetic required for dental treatment is very small. If the anesthetic can solve your pain, why not?

10.Have your own teeth

Some people think that the teeth are grown on themselves. They should have the final say. They should not be pulled out, they must be pulled out, and they should not be kept, but they should be kept. They also said to the doctor with vigour: “How can I treat you? It ’s all over, and I ’m definitely not looking for you if something happens. ”

In fact, it makes sense for the doctor not to treat you or to randomly extract your teeth. Both extraction and treatment have indications. Everything should be done in accordance with the principles. Otherwise, what did you do for so many years in college?


Since you come to see a doctor, you have to listen to the doctor more. If there is a problem, the doctor will be responsible for it. Don’t make your own claim.

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