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Do 3 Things Diligently after Dental Implants

Many people think that dental implantation is the end of dental treatment, as long as the dental implantation is successful, it will be done once and for all, and will never suffer from toothache. I hereby reminds the public that this statement is wrong. Although dental implants are not threatened by tooth decay, like real teeth, dental implants may loosen due to damage to surrounding tissues.

Improper cleaning of teeth will accumulate plaque at the junction between the implant and the gums, causing inflammation and shrinkage of the soft tissue around the implant, forming a pocket, further destroying the alveolar bone around the implant, causing the foundation around the implant to collapse, and finally The implant will loosen and fall off.

  1. Keep your mouth clean

If you want to extend the useful life of dental implants, good oral hygiene is very important. Xiaoya reminds that using a toothbrush alone is not enough, but also needs to be combined with dental floss and interdental brush to complete oral cleaning. Because there is a dead space between the crown and the implant between the teeth of the implant, it is easy to accumulate dental plaque. Therefore, in addition to cleaning with a toothbrush, the use of dental floss and interdental brush is very important.

  1. Use special interdental brushes

Because the implant is made of metal, when using an interdental brush, the wire on the brush head may scratch the metal surface of the implant. It is recommended to choose an interdental brush with a plastic coating on the brush head.

  1. Avoid excessive chewing

Different from real teeth, there is no periodontal ligament around the artificial tooth roots, and the force type is different from that of real teeth. Therefore, avoid excessive force when chewing or biting. Hard and tough foods should be carefully applied or avoided. . Every 3-6 months should be checked and tracked regularly to ensure the quality of dental implants and maintain good function.

There is still a slight difference between implants and real teeth. If the real tooth is decayed, just pull it out. If the implant is broken, the crown is removed. It is a big project to remove the implant completely without damaging the alveolar bone; and the unit price of the implant High, if the service life is too short due to improper use, it will always be frustrating.

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