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Should Floss be Used from the Beginning to the End?

In fact, people can’t help but doubt that hard brushing doesn’t seem to bring healthy mouth as expected, but the worse it gets. Nowadays, periodontal disease is no longer a problem that the elderly should pay attention to, but a problem that all people have to face.

Brush teeth ≠ keep away from periodontal disease

Many people think that brushing your teeth after three meals can say goodbye to periodontal disease completely! In fact, it’s futile not to clean to the right place and the right way!

Clinically, the most frequently asked question of patients is: “clearly very serious brushing teeth, also useful floss, why will get periodontal disease?”? ”

Although we all have a strong concept of cleaning, but in fact, it is possible to choose the wrong cleaning tools and use the wrong cleaning methods. If you brush your teeth, but don’t brush them to the place where you should brush them, periodontal diseases will still come to you, such as the use of floss.

How to use floss correctly? How to avoid the wrong use of floss?

Many people have a big misconception about flossing, such as repeatedly using the same section of floss to clean all the teeth, or thinking that as long as the food stuck in the teeth is removed, it is “flossing”. In fact, this is not the case! The reason why floss is needed is that in general, when brushing teeth, the bristles can’t remove the plaque between the gaps, so that the plaque is easy to accumulate at the gum and the tooth boundary, the plaque pile up for a long time, and then form tooth decay or periodontal disease, so in addition to removing food, the floss should also be a C-type light grinding of the seam surface.

Why does floss have to be used?

In terms of cleaning, we often only pay attention to whether the tooth surface is clean, but ignore the place that is most easy to hide dirt and filth. Therefore, many cavities start from the teeth seam. The main function of dental floss is to help us clean the bacteria in the teeth seam and prevent the formation of cavities between the teeth seams. In order to avoid cross infection, each tooth seam should be cleaned with different sections of dental floss, even if not If you have food stuck, you need to use floss to clean every crevice, so that you can really clean your teeth.

What size should toothbrush choose?

General people are used to using toothbrush with large brush head, but because everyone’s mouth and dental arch are different in size, if the patients with small mouth use the toothbrush with large brush head, they will be limited by the cheek when cleaning, so they can’t clean to the deep mouth or back teeth. Therefore, dentists suggest that when people choose toothbrush, they should choose the toothbrush with small brush head, especially for women with small mouth, or even for children Toothbrush, for cleaning will be more beneficial.

How to choose floss? Can I use a floss stick?

In the choice of floss, some people will choose “floss stick”, which is convenient to use and convenient to carry. It has become the first choice for many people, but how to use it correctly has been ignored? Many people use a floss stick from the beginning to the end. After cleaning this tooth seam, they go to clean another tooth seam. Bacteria spread from place to place, but the place where there was no problem was infected by bacteria, which spread the disease.

In fact, “whole floss” is an ideal cleaning tool. After entering the teeth, it must be in the form of “C” to remove the dental plaque. Every time you clear a tooth, you need to change a section to avoid cross infection!

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