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Keep Your Teeth White with Food

We eat, drink and make other things that change the color of our teeth every day. Most people don’t feel at their best because they have an unnatural smile, so it’s important to know what you can do to prevent losing your brilliant white smile, and try these techniques to keep it at its best.

Food with high acidity, dark color or easy to stick to teeth can cause staining. If you don’t take precautions, things like spaghetti sauce, berries, curry or balsamic vinegar will change color over time. Simple steps can help prevent stains in these foods.

For example, eat vegetables or salads before eating tomato products, which helps to form a protective film on the teeth to prevent the staining effect of tomatoes. Similarly, eating balsamic vinegar mixed with lettuce can help to clean the vinegar on your teeth when eating. If you’re eating highly acidic food, try to finish it with milk or hard cheese, which neutralizes the acid.

In general, wash the teeth with water after eating to remove as many staining particles as possible.

Try a straw

Coffee, tea, wine and many other ordinary drinks can discolor your teeth. Even some light colored drinks, such as white tea or white wine, can cause color difference due to the acidity of the drinks. The best solution for acid or dark drinks is to limit your consumption, but when you drink, try a straw. This will help the drinks fully touch your teeth and reduce the discoloration they cause.

Chopped tobacco

The American Dental Association points out that smoking not only causes tooth discoloration, but also causes tongue discoloration. This is one of the many oral risks that tobacco use can bring, so the best solution is to completely eliminate it from daily work. This will not only reduce the risk of oral health, whiten your teeth, help you recover faster after dental surgery, but also improve your taste ability.

Maintain oral hygiene

Timely brushing to remove food particles will cause stains and reduce the impact of dark or acidic food and drink. But in addition, regular brushing and flossing can help to remove plaque from the gum line and attract stains.

If you don’t think precautions are enough to whiten your smile, there are more options at home and at the dentist’s. Try whitening at home, or go to the dental clinic and choose a more powerful professional whitening product to see which option is best for your whitening goal.

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