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When Do You Need to Change Your Mask?

  1. If the N95 mask is not contaminated, not contaminated with droplets, and is not deformed, the mask and the face fit closely, and you can generally wear it for three days. However, if you are in contact with a patient with a new crown, or if you feel difficulty breathing when wearing it, you should discard it in time.
  2. Surgical masks and medical masks are generally worn for 4 hours to be replaced, and can be replaced at any time when they are polluted or wet.

What should I do with waste masks?

  1. The masks worn by healthy people do not have the risk of the spread of new coronavirus, and can be handled in accordance with the requirements of domestic waste classification.
  2. The masks worn by suspected cases or diagnosed patients should not be discarded at will, and should be treated as medical waste. They should be treated in strict accordance with the relevant procedures of medical waste and should not enter the circulation market.
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