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You Bought Masks So Many Times. Do You Know How to Distinguish Them from True Ones?

As a necessity in life, masks play an important role in many occasions. So, do you know how to tell the truth of a mask? Today, Chuan Chang’s daily use at home will share with you some ways to identify the authenticity of the mask. Hurry up and check it~

The first point: distinguish the true and false methods of medical surgical masks

Generally, when purchasing a mask, if it is a medical surgical mask, the outer packaging of the mask will be marked with the words disposable medical surgical mask, and the product registration number will also be printed. After we know the product registration number on the disposable mask, we can use our mobile phone to log in to the website of the State Drug Administration. At this time, click the medical device query function on the website and enter the product registration number on the outer packaging of the disposable mask. The query result shows that the product name is a medical surgical mask and can be used with confidence. But if the query result only shows the words of disposable non-woven masks, it can be judged as ordinary masks.

The second point: Identify the true and false methods of N95 masks

N95 masks are used as medical protective masks, so you must be extra careful when selecting them. For details, please refer to the following points: (1) Smell the smell of N95 masks. High-quality N95 masks do not have any odor. (2) The outer packaging color of N95 masks is dark gray with transparency. Inferior N95 mask outer packaging is just the opposite. (3) The digital serial number below the high-quality N95 mask is printed clearly and the handwriting is neat. (4) The “Safety Protection” label on a good N95 mask will be finer, and the shield LOGO will be more three-dimensional. As long as these four aspects are strictly controlled, I believe you can successfully buy a qualified N95 mask.

However, it should be noted that all schools have recently resumed school, and parents should not blindly be keen to choose N95 masks and medical surgical masks when choosing masks for their children, especially children, because children’s lung strength is relatively weak and it takes a long time. Children’s masks to be worn first require “ventilation comfort”. Although the N95 mask has high protection performance, it is not conducive to ventilation, and it is not the best choice for children’s daily protection!

After reading this, have you learned some tricks to distinguish masks? In addition, Chuan Chang’s daily use at home also reminds everyone that when choosing masks, they should also pay attention to brand selection, and it is best to choose a brand with a better external reputation. In this case, the products you buy are more secure.

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