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To Treat Porcelain Teeth Rationally

Why does the price of porcelain teeth vary a lot? Although it can’t be said that high price will have a good effect. If the effect can be guaranteed, it will be cheaper and better. However, we must pay attention not to be too cheap, because some low-cost porcelain teeth have no treatment guarantee. Why some low-grade porcelain teeth are cheap mainly include the following points:

  1. Should do treatment instead of treatment

Some of the necessary treatments are not done and the porcelain teeth are made directly. It is more common that the root canal treatment is needed first but not done. Some do not do the periodontal treatment. If the periodontal treatment is not good, the periodontal problems will be more serious after the porcelain teeth are finished, which will directly affect the service life of the porcelain teeth. Some omit the step of making post core.

  1. Use cheap materials

Low cost gingival line and impression materials are used in model taking, low-cost materials are used in core post making, low-grade binder is used in bonding, irregular or small workshop type factory is used for processing or low-grade porcelain of regular factory is selected.

  1. The level of doctors cannot be guaranteed

The quality of doctors is the key factor of the quality of porcelain teeth. The porcelain teeth doctors in regular outpatient and hospital are graduated from the department class of Medical University, majoring in porcelain teeth restoration, and have rich practical experience. A doctor with a high level often has a high salary. If doctors have little experience and low level, they can save money, but the quality is difficult to be guaranteed.

It can be seen that the high price of porcelain teeth must have the reason of high price. To make porcelain teeth, we need to consider our own situation comprehensively, such as economic bearing capacity, self requirements, etc., and we can not blindly pursue the low price. The teeth are their own, so the treatment effect must be put in the first place.

Beware of low price porcelain teeth trap

Porcelain teeth, commonly known as crowns and braces, are made of inert metal and porcelain. The inner crown is a layer of metal material, commonly nickel chromium alloy, titanium alloy, cobalt chromium alloy, and the outer crown is porcelain powder. It is formed by high temperature sintering. Porcelain teeth have both the strength of metal and the beauty of porcelain. It is an effective method to repair tooth defect.

In fact, porcelain teeth are really a controversial topic. When it comes to porcelain teeth, I suggest that you should not choose porcelain crowns just for the sake of speed and beauty. Or need to integrate their own situation to see whether they are suitable for making porcelain teeth. Don’t fall into the “low price trap” of porcelain teeth because of the advertisements publicized outside.

Generally speaking, only 1.5-2mm of tooth surface needs to be evenly ground to make porcelain teeth, and the degree of grinding will not harm the dentin. It’s not cost-effective to grind off the healthy teeth just for the sake of beauty, but for the following people who have problems with their teeth, porcelain teeth restoration is a good choice:

Scope of application:

⊙ root canal treatment was done for serious tooth decay, and there was no fragile tooth with nerve.

⊙ teeth with large defects, or even single tooth missing.

⊙ teeth with discoloration or poor color, such as those with incomplete enamel development, tetracycline teeth, cone-shaped small teeth, etc.

⊙ teeth with special shape and bad appearance, which are not suitable for correction (abnormal teeth and dislocated teeth).

⊙ partial occlusion is abnormal.

However, in the process of grinding teeth, if the doctor’s technology or materials do not meet the standard, then there will be a black line of gum. In addition, improper molars can also damage the gingival tissue or pulp, and even make the porcelain teeth and the primary teeth do not fit tightly. The edge of the porcelain teeth stimulates the gingiva, causing swelling and pain of the gingiva, resulting in periodontal disease.

In case of these situations, the porcelain teeth must be removed:

  1. Gingival black line

This is also the most common situation after wearing poor porcelain teeth. It is popular because of its low price, but in the long-term wearing process, there will be gingival blackening. This is because non precious metal porcelain teeth oxidize into gray oxide in the mouth, which precipitates in the gingiva for a long time, resulting in gingival black line. If not removed in time, gingivitis, periodontitis and even may occur Teeth fall off.

  1. Causing real tooth decay

If the doctor fails to prepare the teeth, the tooth model is not refined, the technology of the porcelain teeth processing factory is not in place, and the edge is not closed after wearing, it will provide favorable conditions for bacteria. These bacteria enter the crown but can not come out, you can only watch the teeth slowly rot. In this case, we have to dismantle it.

  1. Periodontal disease is not well treated

Some dentists and patients are eager for success when they are making porcelain teeth. They have not made a detailed assessment of the gingival periodontal area, such as gingival inflammation, gingival redness, atrophy, etc. in the absence of treatment, the installation of porcelain teeth leads to a series of problems, which should be removed as soon as possible.

  1. Porcelain tooth fracture

The sharp edge of the broken porcelain will cause trauma to the mucous membrane of the tongue and lips, and the metal will be exposed after the broken porcelain. Under the action of long-term food friction and saliva, a chemical reaction will take place. That’s one word, remove!

  1. Failure of tooth preparation

Generally speaking, do not fall into the “low price trap” of porcelain teeth.

If the porcelain teeth are used for 3-5 years, they will begin to appear various symptoms, such as porcelain collapse, distortion and light transmission, poor color, falling off, weak chewing, gum bleeding, gum discoloration, periodontal disease, etc., all of the above situations belong to porcelain teeth failure, in which the black line on the edge of the crown is very common. For this situation, it should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid secondary injury.

We should be rational and not biased in our view of porcelain teeth. Before making porcelain teeth, we must consider comprehensively. Porcelain teeth are well used and can solve many tooth problems. Therefore, we need to consult a professional dentist to customize them for you.

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