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Timing and Movement Speed of Orthodontics

We’re all concerned about when we should start correcting? What is the process of Orthodontics? How do we need our patients to cooperate? What are the preparations? How about the treatment process? What are the adverse effects?

Generally speaking, adolescence is the best time for orthodontic treatment, but adults can also correct it, and it is more and more common at present. The best time for correction in adolescence is generally between 10-14 years old, but some children need to start treatment earlier because of the severity of tooth deformity or the type of deformity.

It is suggested that parents should take their children to orthodontists regularly to avoid missing the best treatment time.

For the process of orthodontic treatment, tooth movement is a relatively long process, and to ensure the health of teeth, so the speed of tooth movement should not be too fast, otherwise it will damage the health of teeth. Generally speaking, the correction process takes 1.5-3 years. The procedure of orthodontic treatment needs to go through the process of taking oral data, measuring calculation, design scheme and wearing orthotics. Generally, before wearing the appliance, we need to do a comprehensive dental examination and treatment, including the treatment of caries teeth (commonly known as insect teeth), cleaning teeth (professional doctors clean teeth), etc.

If it is an adult, most of them have periodontal disease. Systematic periodontal treatment should be carried out before orthodontic treatment, and only after the treatment of periodontal disease, can they begin to correct. Of course, 3-7 days before wearing the appliance, there will be a toothache, which will disappear after a week. Because the appliance is in the oral cavity, it is not easy to clean the oral cavity, and there may be oral mucosal ulcer and other phenomena. But usually it will be better in a while. Because it is not easy to clean the teeth with orthodontics, the patients should brush their teeth well, keep good oral health, and ensure that the patients wash their teeth once in about half a year.

At present, the conventional way of orthodontics is to stick the braces on the surface of teeth. According to the aesthetic requirements of patients, the braces can be divided into stainless steel and ceramic (aesthetic) materials. If the requirements for aesthetics are higher, it is recommended to wear invisible orthodontic (removable transparent braces).

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