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How to Choose a Face Mask during Covid-19?

  1. The first type of mask is a simple two-layer non-woven fabric. This mask is generally used by catering staff to prevent their saliva from contaminating food. As a general protection, this mask is enough and belongs to a disposable mask.
    2. The second type of mask is made of cotton or blended materials has strong warmth and is suitable for cold weather in winter. It has the function of filtering dust and pollen and other microorganisms. Protection,
    3. The third kind of mask is with a hem. This kind of mask can protect your neck from direct sunlight. This kind of mask is made of yarn material and is very breathable. It is usually used in the spring and summer. It can prevent general Wind and sand, sun protection is its main function,
    4. The fourth kind of masks, PM2.5 masks, N95 masks, this mask has the function of preventing particles below PM2.5 from entering the nasal cavity, suitable for wearing this mask during foggy weather or high incidence of epidemics, can To prevent viruses, such masks are disposable and should be placed in a medical recycling bin after use.
    5. When wearing a mask, you must master the correct method. First, keep your hands clean, then cover your nose and mouth, and ensure that the edge part fits the face, and there is a certain breathing space for the nose and mouth.
    6. The fifth type of mask, medical gauze mask, this mask is very breathable, and can also prevent certain dust and droplets. The use of this mask should be cleaned daily and replaced daily.
    7. The sixth type of mask, a mask with carbon fiber, this mask has the function of filtering a certain odor, the appearance color is dark gray, and it is also one-time use. It should be discarded after use.
    8. The seventh type of mask, a mask with a two-way valve filter, this kind of mask is generally used in special environments, such as construction or mines, and medical personnel who directly contact infectious patients. The price is higher.


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