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Dental Loupes – Dentist’s Wise Choice

why do we need a dental loupes?

  1. Because of the unique magnifying effect of the dental loupes, when observing fine objects for a long time, the dental loupes can magnify the observation object, which facilitates more detailed observation and work, and can operate higher precision surgery to improve work efficiency and competitiveness.
  2. Protect your body: Because the magnifying glass has a good field of view and depth of field to ensure that you have the correct working posture (look up-protect the cervical spine, sit upright-protect the lumbar spine), even if you work for a long time, it will not damage your Cervical and lumbar spine.
  3. Look bright and clear, protect your eyes, and reject occupational diseases.

How to choose the most suitable dental loupes?

  1. The imaging effect should be clear, and there should be no distortion after zooming in. The simplest comparison method is to look at the grid, and the magnification effect seen through the magnifying glass is not deformed. Only in this way is it true and comfortable.
  2. Aberrations and chromatic aberrations cannot occur. If there are aberrations and chromatic aberrations, you can see dizziness, hurt your eyes, and be uncomfortable.
  3. Have a larger depth of field, because the target you see is often not just a plane, but three-dimensional; for example, when looking at the oral cavity, you must always see the last tooth from the incisor. A good magnifying glass does not require you to move back and forth. , You can see the entire row of teeth from front to back, because moving your eyes causes your back to tilt and you ca n’t maintain a correct sitting posture.
  4. In the depth of field, there must not be too much magnification. In the depth of field, the magnification factor is large, which produces more virtual images. It has been used for a long time and seriously damages vision.


Why do you need LED headlights?

Because the workbench is not bright enough, the color temperature is low, and it is easy to produce shadows, which affect the observation target. Therefore, the LED headlight and the dental loupes are coaxial in the field of vision, and are magnified and illuminated in the same direction to make the observation target clearer and brighter. Of course, some doctors with good vision can only see the fine structure of the teeth by using the coaxial field-of-view headlights.


How to choose the right LED headlight?

  1. The light spot effect is better, the brightness must be able to meet the observation requirements, and the best light spot is even without shadows.

2, choose light and small: light weight, small size, comfortable to wear.

  1. The working time and service life of the battery should be long: After the battery is charged, because the operating time sometimes lasts for several hours, the battery working time is longer; at the same time, the longer the battery life, the better. More durable means more cost-effective.
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