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Use of Dental Loupes

These days, I finally started using dental Loupes. Influenced by the thoughts of “fine dentists” at home and abroad, I was more and more eager in my heart to be able to constantly surpass myself, continually overcome myself, and eventually be able to reach a certain level in the domestic dental industry. There was a dental loop early in the department, but everyone did’t ust it. Thinking about it now is indeed a bit wasteful. In order to prepare a porcelain veneer that day, I wanted to try that effect. So I took it. Discovered the beauty of using a dental Loupes. However, when I first used it, I was a bit accustomed to it. But I got a deeper understanding of the position of the dentist. After putting on a dental loop, you must be able to see clearly in the standard sitting position. That is a good thing, at least it can be avoided, incorrect diagnosis and treatment position.

Many times, occupational diseases are not due to occupational reasons, but because of one’s own lack of attention, such as posture, such as safety. I was wrong from the beginning, but I never felt that it was too late when something was found irreparable. After having fun, I decided to use it in the future all-ceramic aesthetic restoration cases and the search for the posterior root canal. Of course, using a dental loop in dentistry should not be a gimmick. It is really to improve your dental skills. And from “standardization” to “excellent”. There is still a long way to go for me who have not yet formed “standardization”.

Regarding the understanding of dental dental loop , Wang Qi felt that it should not be overstated. Zoom in, usually local details. The overall grasp still needs to be before the dental loop . Don’t attribute all your results to the equipment. There is a sentence called “The Humble Craftsman always blame the tools.” Or something. It’s like writing. As long as you can really write, even if you don’t have a good writing brush, you can pick up a branch, and you can write better calligraphy works than the precious gold park pen or writing brush. Same thing. A sword in my heart is a real sword! Don’t work without a dentist who has used these advanced instruments before? !! Before those CT and X films, do not need surgery? ? ? So-called “nuclear magnetic resonance”.

Many times it is a trick to lie to patients. However, after all, the use of a dental loop in dental restorations and in the final refinement is quite good. At least some unnoticed details before using the dental Loupes can be found. For example, the shoulder after all-ceramic tooth preparation. To better achieve dental beauty! To make the long-term effect of dental beauty better! I have a dental loop too! In addition, in the treatment of posterior teeth, the root canal can be more conveniently found. Of course, my root canal preparation for posterior root canal treatment is basically done after dental preparation. Because the length of the root canal is reduced, direct visual access is better, and it is not easy to miss any MB2. The lingual root canal of the mandibular incisor. In the following case, the metal teeth of the lower right six teeth are prepared. Learn from Beijing dentist Wang Yiyong. But compared to his work, it is still much inferior. However, as long as we work hard on the “high-quality road”, I believe that in the near future, there will be achievements. The following is a partial view. Shoulder preparation of metal porcelain teeth. It felt pretty good. In front of the macro, all flaws can’t be covered. This picture feels pretty good. A little closer.

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