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Children’s Oral Health Measures 

Deciduous teeth play an important role in preserving growth space for permanent teeth. Therefore, it is very important for children to protect their deciduous teeth for the development of permanent teeth and the development of the oral and maxillofacial region.

(1) Although newborns have not yet grown teeth, it is still very important to maintain oral health from the first day of their lives. Use clean, moist gauze or a small towel to wipe your gums, especially after feeding and before going to bed. Although it is sometimes difficult to operate, it is still necessary to avoid letting the baby fall asleep with a bottle in it. Once your baby starts to grow teeth, clean your teeth twice a day, just like you brush your teeth twice a day.

(2) Help the child get rid of the pacifier. Sucking the pacifier or thumb for too long will affect the child’s teeth and oral development. Thumb sucking or excessive use of pacifiers is discouraged. Do not dip the pacifier in sugar or honey.

(3) The principle of bottle feeding: only breast milk, formula milk powder, milk or plain water are contained in the bottle. Avoid adding sugar to milk, or putting sweet drinks in milk bottles, such as sugar water, fruit juice or soft drinks. If possible, encourage children to use water glasses from the age of one.

(4) Teach children to brush their teeth correctly: brush their teeth every morning and evening-after breakfast and before going to bed, use a thin layer of fluoride toothpaste the size of a pea (Note: children under three years old use rice-sized fluoride toothpaste). Fluoride toothpaste can make teeth Stronger. Brush your teeth gently for 2 minutes with an arc brush (rather than a horizontal brush). Make sure you brush each tooth—the front, back, and all teeth.

(5) Brushing teeth correctly is very important for oral health. Supervise children brushing their teeth until they can brush their teeth properly.

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