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Why Should I Remove the Invisible Braces when Eating?

Many of our patients want to know why we emphasize the importance of removing orthodontic appliances when eating or drinking hot drinks such as coffee and tea.

  1. Avoid breaking, breaking or twisting the aligner

When you bite the aligner while you are eating, it may cause the aligner to break, crack or deform, which is caused by the huge force applied during chewing.

  1. Avoid staining

Colored liquids such as soft drinks, coffee, and tea can temporarily contaminate the appliance, which is why doctors advise patients to brush and clean invisible braces after a meal.

What are invisible braces?

Some people who have made corrections say, “I made invisible braces. It looks good!” When we stepped forward, it turned out to be white brackets with white brackets attached to them. It is not obvious from a distance, but once we face each other, we can see it at a glance. This is not really an invisible braces, it can only be said to be semi-invisible. Invisible braces are made of fully transparent materials, which can be freely removed and can be easily seen when face to face.

How much does stealth correction cost?

Compared with traditional wire correction, the materials of invisible appliance are expensive, and a new appliance is replaced every two weeks, so the cost is slightly higher.

The price of invisible correction is generally related to the following reasons:

  1. Different dental orthodontic easiness, as well as individual special correction needs, fees will vary;
  2. Choose different invisible correction brands, prices will vary;
  3. Due to different consumption levels in different cities, fees will vary;
  4. Different medical institutions will have different fees.

Am I suitable for stealth correction?

Under normal circumstances, as long as all teeth have been replaced, invisible correction can be done. Especially for adults, the teeth and bones have developed and the periodontal condition is not good. Gingivitis and periodontitis often occur, which are more suitable for invisible correction. For many people who need tooth extraction, invisible correction is also suitable, not to mention that half of the 10 invisible correction people are correction of extraction. In addition, it is one of the main goals of many invisible orthodontists to restore the normal missing tooth space through correction and then perform conventional or implant restorations.

Are invisible braces effective? How does it compare to wire braces?

Stealth treatment is light treatment. Generally speaking, the treatment period is longer than traditional wire treatment. But one of the characteristics of invisible correction is predictability. You can preview the process and effect of tooth movement before the correction, and then customize the braces for you according to the final effect, so that the teeth move to the expected position. Of course, in order to achieve perfect results, you also need to follow your doctor’s order, wear replacement braces on time, and follow up regularly.

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